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    Straight Female / 47

    This is about me, my feelings and being in love with a younger man that is married. I kick myself and tell myself that I should not be in love with a married man but I am. I let him have sex with me, I go meet him, I wait until he calls, I make excuses for seeing him, but in the end I let him have sex with me. It feels good to have sex, it feels good in a way that is different from just the feeling of sex.

    His wife is 32 and she has three girls, three, seven and nine. She is a school teacher but she has stayed home since her three year old was born. In my opinion she is beautiful, to me she is the most beautiful woman I know. I started having sex with him when she was pregnant with her three year old. I had sex with him on the night she went into labor.

    I went to counseling and the same old story, just quit and tell him to leave you alone. That is like saying stop breathing. I can't. And he can't stop calling me, we talk every day, see each other at least three or four times a week, we work in the same building, and we have sex at least once a week. I live alone so I keep a place for him to come see me. I don't make excuses, what we are doing is cheating on his wife is wrong, I know that. But at least he is only cheating on her with me and he doesn't go to strip clubs or see other girls.

    What I don't understand is why he cheats on her, she is so beautiful and why he has sex with me I am ten years older and believe me I am not beautiful like she is.

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    He wants a release. No strings attached. A good screw.
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    I had the same situation with a work friend. When you are with someone else all the day to day problems are gone, you can just enjoy each other.

    I have a hot wife, lots of men stare at her and have made it clear theyd love to bed her and see her naked. She is very attractive in decent shape and has huge 34DD natural amazing tits. But in bed she has no passion for sex. She will do it because she is supposed to, and she enjoys her orgasms every couple of weeks, but she does not have the "sex bone" as we used to call it. That craving for hot, lusty, mind blowing sex with someone sexually compatible.

    You can have a great loving marriage and still be sexually incompatible. When my friend and I would get together there was no hesitation, no awkwardness, its just wham, and we're all over each other doing the right things just the way we know the other person loves it. Sex with her was easy and mind blowing. With the Mrs its a struggle and has to be scheduled, its like sometimes its not worth it, its easier to just get yourself off, and sometimes thats what we do.

    Beauty or not as much beauty, does not mean you arent highly skilled in the bedroom. You must be a skilled lover for him, and him for you, or you both wouldnt be coming back for each other.

    Bottom line, some people are more sexually compatible with someone else. Why do you think there are so many guys on here who want to see their wives have sex with another man, and the woman ends up running off with them? Good luck...
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    #2 "Why do you think there are so many guys on here who want to see their wives have sex with another man, and the woman ends up running off with them?"

    Wait... what?

    How many guys exactly is there? Please do tell us.

    There have been literally thousands of studies about sex, sexual practices and fetishes and sexuality over the past 60 years and NONE of them suggest that cuckold, or cuckqueen would end up losing their partner to someone else.
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    #3, I have to agree with #2, at least according to a lot of the stories on here.

    Course you could make a point of how much on here is actually true?

    Maybe not run off, bit at least make the other guy their full time replacment lover. Maybe that's what the cucks what anyway.
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    #4 some cuckolds have a fantasy of their hotwives leaving them for another man. But that is for some and that is just their ultimate fantasy, not a real world. The problem in their fantasy is that if that would happen, they could never enjoy their wives stories and experiences again. They do not want that.

    Sure they can end up in open relationship, or even in polyamory relationship where the cuckold will only masturbate to the sight of them, or to listen their experiences, but that is about it.

    There is lots of different cuckoldry or cuckqueany in world. Only small group of fetishist have that ultimate fantasy that their spouse would end up leaving them. Most people have only a fantasy where their spouse goes to have sex with someone and then comes back and tell about it. Then there are those, men, who want their wives to bring back some sort of evidence they too can enjoy. Most often it is cum in their pussies. etc. Some like to watch or listen and some like to watch and masturbate and maybe later lick the mixed cum from both of them. Some like to play it rough and they want to be humiliated.

    Studies suggest that compared to normal couples, the relationship with cuckolding couples is really tight and it only strengthens it, and their divorce rates are minimal.
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    I love how people on here are suddenly experts in sexual studies. None of you know jack diddly shit. Yea it sounds good, but its a bunch of BS.

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