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    Transsexual Female / 52

    Well I am a lifelong Crossdresser, I started at the age of 8, wearing my mother’s panties, bras, stockings, shoes, dresses and night gowns. By the time I was 11 I was dressing completely wearing my moms wigs, wearing makeup, and walking around dressed like her. I was her height and her clothes fit just right. There was no sexual pleasure per say. I hadn't started to get pleasure from masturbation yet. The feel of the clothes was something I really enjoyed, seeing myself as a female felt normal. The first time I actually got off wearing her clothes was when I was 12. I was dressed up, the feeling was stronger then ever, when I felt this sensation coming from deep in my balls, then I shot my load to my surprise in the panties. After that the sexual side kicked in big time. Every chance I had I would wear women's clothes. By now any women's clothes got my attention and attraction. I would take clothes off the clothes line in backyards at night. I got to experience all kinds of clothes. If visiting some one I would find a way to nose around. And if the opportunity came up, I would try on their clothes. More then once my mother found her items moved or a stain in them but she never approached me about them directly. I remember once she found a long shinny silk night gown in my room. She just took it back. I never got caught until I was 14. I had one of mother’s wigs and basic makeup with me. There was a house 2 blocks down from ours where this 50ish woman lived alone. I would cut her grass every 2 weeks. I knew her yard real well so I could walk into it at night. She always left her shoes outside the back door. She didn’t wear shoes in her house. So I could count on finding something there always. I had grabbed a dress, panties, and bra from another yard off the clothes line. I used the extra panties to stuff the bra. Then went and got some shoes, I found some flat sandals. Wearing the wig & some makeup I went out walking around dressed up. It was about 2am, I had walked about 10 blocks from the house. Hadn't seen anyone since it was a weeknight. A car passed me, and kept going. I turned on to a side street to head back, when the car pulled next to me, the man offered me a ride. I just kept walking; he pulled ahead of me, and then got out. He walked up and grabbed my arm. He said you’re a cutie baby. He tried to kiss me on the mouth. I resisted, but he was bigger then me by at least 10 inches, and 100lbs. As he manhandles me, he pushed me down on the grass in front of this house. He then said baby I want you. He opens his pants and flipped out his dick, it was good and hard, I froze. He got on top of me trying to get between my legs, I was able to roll over, and get on my stomach, but that only worked to his advantage, he pinned me down with his arm, and then pulled up the dress I was wearing to my waist, I was wearing only panties. He pulled the panties down exposing my cheeks. He said you are nice, love that ass. Then I felt his dick in my cheeks, he pushed in but nowhere to go, he then spread open my cheeks, drove it home into my ass, I cried out, but he had me. He proceed to pump, as he did he kissed my neck, he reached around and grabbed my boobs, which were panty specials that I had gotten off the clothes line, he smelled of cigarette and booze. After about what seemed forever he finally shot his load into me. I could feel every squirt as it went into me. I had tears running down my face, the little makeup I wore was smeared, and here I was full of a man's dick in my ass. He got out of me and rolled off to one side. I looked over at him and he just smiles back at me. I laid there not knowing what to do. He got up, told me I was really a good piece of ass.
    As I rolled over to get up, he stood in front of me, and then told me to clean him up, I wasn't sure what he wanted, he slapped me hard, and said clean my cock bitch. He reached down and grabbed my hair, when he yanked, the wig came off, and he said what the hell!
    He grabbed the bottom of the dress and pulled it up high exposing me, what the hell are you, I didn't answer. Well what ever you are suck my cock now. With that he pushed his dick into my mouth; I choked as he pushed in deep.
    The taste was awful to me, but soon it got worst. He said now take this, and he let loose again filling my mouth with his cum. I swallowed some and the rest came out on my face and landed on the dress. Once he was done he pushed me down on the grass again, he zippered himself up and walk to his car and drove off leaving me there. I must have laid there 30 minutes before I got up and dressed myself again, replaced the wig and went towards home. I replaced the shoes, then went by the house where the clothes came from and return them to the clothes line, then went on home. I felt sick for about a week after that thinking what he had done to me. I was ashamed but couldn’t tell anyone about it. It was about a month later that I told my aunt everything, including that I had worn her clothes. She listened and then hugged me. She advised me to let it go, and be careful, and not get runs in her stockings.
    I didn't dress for about 3 months, but the urge came back once again I found it too strong not to wear women's clothes. When I joined the Army I told myself no more, and for 3 years I didn't touch any women's clothes unless a women was wearing it, and sometimes I could feel the wanting to wear it but I would make myself think of something else. It wasn't until I got out that I was again around women's clothes that the feeling overcame me and I started once again wearing women's clothes. After getting married to my first wife I thought it would make it easier to resist. But it made it worst, because now I had her mother's clothes, my wife’s, and her sister’s clothes too. It didn't take very long before I was wearing full time again every chance I got. Her mother caught me once wearing her panties, pantyhose, bra, and a dress. She was very understanding, she asked that I not wear her new clothes and not leave any stains. She asked if I was wearing her daughter’s clothes also. I told her the truth about it. She just said be careful how you leave things. After that she asked me many questions about how I started and what I felt. When my wife stumbled on to my secret, she found my bag of clothes I had hidden in the garage I told her everything except that her mother knew already. At first she seemed supportive, and had me dress for her, we had sex with me dressed up. One night she pulled out a strap on and surprised me with it. She had me wear a short dress, pantyhose, high heels 3" pumps, a wig, then she went to town doing me, I actually enjoyed it, I even sucked it for her, after that we would use it every so often we had sex. Then came the melt down. After that she would sleep around on a weekly basis with anyone who would fuck her. It was during that time that I got busted again in a wooded area outside of Miami. I was out wearing my mother in law's formal dress, heels, wig, bra, panties & pantyhose. When I went to leave I found a county car parked behind my car. I hid in the tree line waiting to see if he would leave. I sat there for about 30 minutes until he pulled out. I then walked out. And then got the surprise he had turned around and came back, so I was caught, he made it simple bend over for him and I could leave, so I hiked up the dress. He bends me over the fender, pulled down the pantyhose and panties and got what he wanted. After that I made appoint of being more careful.

    All of that was over 35 years ago. since then I have learn to be very passable. I remarried and told my wife everything about how it started and things that have happen along the way. I have told some female co-workers they don't believe until show them. I was so sacred to be with a man. But I found the courage to try one summer day back in 1994. He only wanted oral and I took care of him. From there slowly I explored other men. I really enjoy giving oral delight. I enjoy the feel of a man's penis. It wasn't until 2003 that I finally crossed the final barrier willingly I offered myself to a mature married man. It hurt just like before but it got better. Since then I have been with many men, mostly mature over 55 married. I feel like a woman on these encounters. I wish we had had an internet when I was growing up. Today I would be a woman.
    Francesca Vera

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