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    Straight Female / 20

    A friend of mine went to mc donalds earlier today and brought back mc chickens. He gave me 3, and after i took a bite, i noticed it tasted weird. So, with said friend looking on nervously, I popped open the top to find copious amounts of cum, very poorly mixed in with the mayo. It was gross, but not wanting to say anything, i put it back in the bag. Pulling out the second one, i opened it too, finding much more of the same with a cum to mayo ratio of about 2/5. Another friend asked if there was something wrong, and i said no.I put the bun back on and bit in, I could immanently taste it, seeing my friends nervous looks and semi viewable erection. It was gross, but in some sick way it made me feel dirty, so I semi reluctantly ate all three, telling myself I just didnt want my friends to eat them. Since then, this dude has been cumming in every fucking thing i own. My shampoo, my toothbrush, my socks and panties both used and clean, my refrigerated food items, even my feminine care products. Either he knows I now but he wants to keep deniability, or has just as dumb as he is horny. A week and a half ago, I was asleep at his house since he i and two others where hanging out. But the other two went to the store for a little, leaving me unknowingly with him. Now, i didnt know about this until the others got back, waking me up. but when i was asleep, this guy managed to open a crack in my pants and cum inside my them. Why he didnt cum in my pussy is beyond me, but im glad he restrained himself. I also found out after putting them on that he came in my boots as well. So i had to walk around with this weirdos cum all up in my private places.

    Tldr; My weirdo friend keeps cumming in all my stuff, and hes getting braver.

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    I thought opposites attracted, but two cum weirdoes found each other. Simply nasty.
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    Do you like in some submissive way? Do you go ahead and brush your teeth with the cum on the brush or rinse it off?
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    Obviously you enjoy it, you keep putting up with it.
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    I have a brother that used to put his cum on everything of mine. I had and have very mixed feelings on that.
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    i actually like to cum on a pair of sexy high heels and see a woman wear them out... I have cummed into a pair of panties for a milf i know at a dance club, she wore the panties the whole night and told me she sucked on then when she got home... made me hard to be honest. sometimes being dirty is good
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    op here, heres a quick update.

    so, a bit has happened and by a bit i mean a lot. first and foremost, im pregnant. around the beginning of the month somebody went a little way too far. im not sure how, but im pretty sure he used my smaller turkey baster to squirt his jizz in my pussy. it mysteriously appeared under dishes around the time it happened so it only makes sense. i was taking a nap on my couch, facing the back of the couch, well, my friends have access to a spare outside. so i can only suspect he came in, saw my butt sticking out in leggings and he just couldn't help himself. he didnt even take off my pants or underwear, he just pushed in a little and squeezed. nothing has been said so far,but i think he was certain he got me cause hes been getting even more bold. i have other friends who use the key often so i cant hide it but he keeps coming in and jizzing in my food items, using anything he wants as a fleshlight.but most recently hes taken to coming in whenever im napping and cumming in my shoes, then cumming on me if im not in my locked bedroom. he wont even touch me, i just wake up covered in cum. that was hard to explain to my friends who used the key to hang out after cum guy visited.
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    This all sounds like a giant load of bullshit.
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    Cool story, bro.

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