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    Straight Male / 52

    One thing I have learned is that one day you are going to do something you never thought you were going to do. Somethings are challenges and other things are regrets. I regretted what happened for a long time but I have come to live with it and now I think back and it wasn't so bad. At the time I was in my mid thirties with a non working wife and two kids, a mortgage, two car payments and tons of bills. Somehow we made ends meet, but just barely. So why would I put my job in jeopardy?

    I traveled as part of my job. On this trip I was going to several of the overseas regional offices and the CFO came to me and said they had hired this new employee in the Treasury Department and he had heard I was going to the overseas offices and he didn't want her to go alone and she needed to meet the managers overseas and go to the banks, so he had talked to my boss and I was told to take her.

    She was a graduate from Wharton, she came from a well to do family and she had the job through connections. 27 and single and standoffish and she didn't see herself as being of the same class as I was, maybe she even expected me to carry her bags. We got to the airport and we got our seat assignments, first to L.A. and then the long hop over to Hong Kong. She took her seat and she spoke very little with her nose in a magazine. OK this was going to be one long trip. In L.A. I talked the clerk at the airline to upgrade me to Business, I had tons of miles and we flew almost exclusively with them across the Pacific. But I could not get her upgraded, sorry but there is such a thing as tenure.

    We are on board, I am in my seat, I have a drink and damn if I don't look up and she is standing there with the God damnest face you ever saw. She had her boarding pass in her hand and she just stood there with a little girl long face and shook and said she could not sit back there. I told her that is the ticket the company bought and I had gotten upgraded because of my miles and sorry but that is where she had to sit. I walked her back to her seat and she started to cry, first a whimper, then tears then when we got to her seat she just started to shake and cry and please don't leave her there, please, please, please don't make her sit back there. Damn, she was a baby.

    After a lot of talking I got her upgraded beside me but this time I had to use my miles. I told her she owed me but she was probably going to be sitting in the back of the plane several times because we had Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Rome, London and back to the States and I was sure we would not be upgraded on every leg and I didn't have enough miles to keep her happy. In Hong Kong we got to our hotel, got to our rooms, I told her the routine was shit, shower and shave and come on down for an early lunch and we had an appointment at 2 p.m. local time.

    She knocked on my door before I had gotten dressed, she said her dress needed to be pressed. Damn girl, what is your problem? You can't get a dress pressed in twenty minutes. I sent her back to her room and told her there was an iron in her room and to press her dress. After lunch we caught a cab and went to the regional offices, from the cab it was out and into the building. The elevator was packed, she is up against me, she grabs my hand and tells me not to let her go. She won't talk, she is stage struck or something, we make an appointment for the next morning at ten at the bank, arrange for dinner with the regional manager and we need to get this trip started.

    During the whole dinner she is leaning on me in the booth, we get back to the hotel I say good night, I am next door, get some sleep the morning starts early and jet lag kicks in. I set up for the meetings the next day, I get myself into my jet lag bedtime routine, blackout curtains, blackout mask, and she knocks on the door. Now what? She is scared, she doesn't want to be alone. Look that is where I lost it, she is this big time MBA with connections and she is a two year old with me. I yell at her, well I raise my voice, she breaks down and cries again, what do I do? Invite her to sleep with me? Is that it, she wants to be held? What am I going to do with a 27 year old girl in my bed? I told her if I got a hard on I wasn't responsible for what happened. One minute in the bed with her long hair on the pillow and her Daddy hug me look and I had a hard on. She just let me take off her gown, her panties and her bra and get on top. Her legs spread open, her arms went around my neck and she hung on. When it was time to unload I asked her if she was big girl because I was going to unload in her because I didn't play high school and I let it all go in her. Then she turned in my arms and we fell asleep and missed the appointment the next day.

    That is how I got in trouble with this girl, that is how she became the girlfriend at work, that is how she just let herself get pregnant, that is how she told her father that she was in love and that is when I got called on the carpet by the CEO and he asked me what the hell happened. I must have talked fast, I told him just what happened and what would he have done with that babe in his bed? Who turns down a girl like that? You just don't turn down that kind of girl. Maybe once or twice in your life you get a chance at that kind of girl, maybe. I didn't lose my job but I had to look after her and tell my wife who took it bad and almost came to divorce. The problem with this kind of a girl is she gets to you and now she is yours, hook, line and sinker.

    Like I said for the longest time I had regrets, I hurt my wife something awful and only because of economic necessity she stuck around, somehow I don't know how once the baby was born my wife stopped being so upset and 'opened' her heart to the baby, maybe because she is the one that took care of the baby during the day. I had regrets for the longest time, I was stupid, I put my job on the line, I put my marriage and family on the line, I got involved with another woman who was there to stay, I had regrets. But time does things to you and once a girl is in your heart she is there to stay and that is what I told my wife, I didn't want her in my heart but she was in my heart and that baby just made it worse. It has been a challenge all these years, the baby is a man now and he is out there making himself indispensable to his girlfriend and his mother took her place in my heart and never moved out. It has been a challenge, but today no regrets. I retired from my company as CEO two years ago and when two young people fell in love I have kept my mouth shut, who am I to tell them what is right and wrong, they have to figure it out.

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    This thing bounced the age, wish I was 52, but no I am 72 and going strong.
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    I have seen lots of people get fired over work sex. I had a situation like that too, but somehow managed to say no. Parts of me regrets it because she was one hot babe and she was clear what she wanted. She got fired for fucking my boss after that. Of course after I brought it up 10 years later that we almost did it she says she doesnt remember and it never happened. Huh, right.

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