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    So what! I've been sleeping naked and going around our apartment in my boxers ever since my girlfriend moved in with me over 4 years ago. It was her that let her cousin Sheila move in with us 3 months ago "until she gets back on her feet". What the hell is that supposed to mean, she's still here. My girlfriend gets pissed off knowing Sheila sees me naked a couple times a week but its their fault not mine. Sheila sleeps on the sofa bed in the living room but her clothes are in my girlfriends closet and dresser in our room. My girlfriend leaves for work by 7 am and Shelia leaves by 7:45 and I'm still in bed or just getting up. Sheila never knocks claiming she don't want to wake me but doesn't ever hesitate to look at my body. It don't bother me anymore and I intentionally expose myself to Sheila just to piss off my girlfriend. Some mornings I just fake sleeping and make sure my genitals are exposed. Funny thing is when I do that she is in my room longer and I know she is looking at me most of the time. I start to get an erection sometimes so I just roll over so she don't see me getting aroused. She don't mention how often she sees me naked as often as she did when she first moved in. My girlfriend wants me to wear boxers to sleep in but I just refuse to do it. Instead I tell her to have Sheila move out. I don't care if she sees me naked but at the same time she is also a pain in the ass.

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    Well since your wife is gone earlier, I dont see why you havent fucked Sheila yet. I wouldve fucked her by now.

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