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    Straight Female / 34

    My husbands form of birth control is me giving him blow jobs and him fondling me. Seldom does he use me completely. He sleeps with our two sons and I sleep with our daughter. I like to be totally used. Iâm not overweight nor would I say Iâm a glamorous. I havenât told my husband Iâm on birth control because he doesnât believe in it. I clean 4 houses for extra money. My mom watches my daughter 4 mornings every week while I clean houses for extra money. My best friends husband arranges to be home when I clean their home. We have total sex. He uses my whole body. I even keep his cum in me most of the day. One other house is a single divorced man. Not weekly but he is home sometimes and I have sex with him. He canât hold his climaxlong so it is a quickie. I know this is all wrong but I have had this lifestyle 2 years now. Other men have have flirted me but Iâm a good wife toward them. I keep what I do safe and private.

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    How did you start having sex with them? Do they pay you extra for it?
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    Both men wanted me so I gave. Iâm not a prostitute
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    Did you polish both their bell ends ? Did they cum in your arsehole ?
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    Not the same but I had sex with a motel maid. She really wanted it.
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    My house needs cleaning

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