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    Straight Female / 36

    I got drunk Friday night and passed out on the couch around midnight. When I woke up my leggings were on the floor and my panties were around my left ankle. I had still wet semen on my face and between my legs so I know that I was r**ed.

    Ironically I also have herpes and HPV genital warts so I really hope I infected the man/men that used me while I was unconscious and I am 99% sure that my roommate was involved because the door was locked and he acts sketchy when I bring it up.

    I feel violated in a strangely arousing way that I know isn't normal. I am planning on 'passing out' again tonight but I will be pretending and have my phone recording so I can confront him and make him pay for being a pervert. I get so wet thinking about infecting him with uncurable STDs that will forever remind him of me:)

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    Cant think of a better punishment. Make sure you back up any recordings in case he gets nasty and destroys the phone.
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    Herpes is incurable but the body builds up a resistance in time.
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    It's the next morning. Did he go for it again? Did you make it easy for him and leave off the tights? Was he a decent fuck?
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    I used to LOVE to pass out at house parties. Waking up and not knowing who did what was a huge turn on back then

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