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    After being married for three years I can tell you that as a man there is something unholy with expecting me to do laundry, clean and cook. No question that man was not made for that, give me a car or a lawnmower and I am off to the races, give me a dishcloth or a laundry basket and I am out of here. She, not me, is the wife. Period.

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    You obviously do not love you wife. She is your slave. Do not waste any more time. File for divorce. Let her find someone that truly loves her and will do whatever to make her happy. And good luck finding you another slave to clean and pick up after your selfish ass!!
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    Yeah I wouldnât expect my husband to do those things, but itâs because he does ALL the outside chores. I much prefer folding the clothes to mowing the grass in the summer like him! He does cook a lot of the time though. Heâs better at it than me and he likes to eat good haha.
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    Asshole. From a man.
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    Thirteen years married and he does the hard stuff and I do the domestic stuff. Just breaks down that way. I am uncomfortable in a house where the husband is trying to prove that he can do domestic chores.
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    Your not a man.
    Hopefully you'll mature & learn to become one.
    Marriage is not 50/50.
    It's 100/100.
    I'd bet you don't deserve your wife.
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    I am an 88 yo widower with children, grandchildren, great-granchildren and 2 great-great grandchildren. Before I started school I was taught to help my brother make our beds before breakfast. Certain times of the year my sister and mother were with us in the fields, barn and with the cattle. We, the boys, in turn helped can the vegerable, mop the floors cook abd wash dishes.
    When I went into the military I had to make my own bumk bed as soon as I got up and a quarter had to bounce off it (per military standards). I moppped floors, cleaned toilets and did my "KP" duties (cooking, serving and clenaing kitchens and mess halls. Women in the military did their share with mechanic work, driving trucks and tanks.
    When I got marrtied my wife was a stay at home mom where she handles household responsibilities and, when i was out fo town or working over, she mowed the lawns, emptied the trash and changed the oil in her car, as well as change flat tires. I helped when she was behind by wahsing clothes, ironing iniforms for our kids, moping, dusting, ironing, cooking and other domestic task. We did not have a marriage where responsibilites were divided by society male female role, rather we were in a partnership when my masculinity was threatened when I washed clothes, changed a diaper, cooked or did dishes. Neither was she threatened when she lay under our car handing me tools while I repaired OUR vehicles, not hers or mine. You are a sad individual with a very warped opinon of what life is about.
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    Well said.
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    Fuck feminism.
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    Is this the United States of America or some soc****st country where you have very little or no civil liberties, such as freedom of speech?
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    #9 the confessions is in fact, "freedom of speech" and an opinion. Every response to that confessions is in fact, "freedom of speech" and an opinion.

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