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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Posted by Anonymous

    One day in an empty classroom when all the class were at a games session, a fellow student and neighbor got on to the subject of how far he could spurt out his load during orgasm. He suggested that he jerk off first to show me how far and then I would follow suit. I agreed and after an impressive initial spurt of around 12 inches followed by about 8 or 9 of ever decreasing lengths of juice it was my turn to show what I was made of. In less than a minute of my pumping and without any prior warning he had my dick in his hand saying IT WILL FEEL BETTER IF I DO IT FOR YOU ..... and it did too.
    Knowing exactly how to please he was cupping my balls and rubbing my knob end like opening a ketchup bottle at the same time. I leaned back on the desk and closed my eyes imagining the class hottie in his place and before long my purple headed warrior was in his mouth. We never did get to discover who could shoot the furthest but I did enjoy his attentions frequently over the next two years.

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    Some times that the way it starts, but the way it ends is whats important.

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