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    Lesbian Female / 29

    Growing up with a small petite very pretty little sister is not easy. I took after my father, five eight and weight around 145 to 155 pounds, blondish and brown eyes and lanky and just not properly proportioned. My sister took after my mother's side of the family, she is small, petite, very pretty with a brown hair and brown eyes, porcelain skin, perfectly proportioned. She went into Marketing and I followed my father into Engineering.

    I never had a boyfriend in high school, boy friends yes, boyfriends no. I graduated pure. My sister had boyfriends all the time and she graduated not pure. We went to the same college to save money and I was my sister's social secretary. It is of course an exaggeration but for purposes of this she had sex every week and I never had sex. Zero. We graduated from college and I was pure. She graduated from college and she wasn't pure and she had marketed herself to half the male population on campus.

    I went to work in my father's company and she moved to Chicago to work with a Marketing company. She became the VP's girl Friday (night) and rose up and now she is the Account Manager for one of their largest accounts. I worked through the bottom rungs one by one always had friends but not boyfriends (or girlfriends either which I was seriously considering). I turned 25 still pure. She turned 25 a part of the social set in Chicago. When we talk she is all over about how she and her boyfriend, the VP, do this and that and where he takes her and all the sex they have. I tell her about this boring project I am working on with a couple of nerd engineers and that fun is Friday night watching Netflix.

    One day I am having lunch with one of the nerd engineers and I tell him quite frankly that I am seriously considering a black guy or a girl but I have to have something, I don't want to turn 30 and never been fucked. He gets on my case about the black guy comment, no black guy, better dead than let a black guy fuck me. The girl thing he can stomach if I have to do that, but no black guy. I sat back and asked him why I had to do what he said and he said that if I did a black guy he would never talk to me again.

    The whole idea of a black guy died right there. That left a girl. He told me that I needed to start going to places where girls hung out, especially girls who wanted to get with girls. There were well known lady lunch places and of course there was always the gym or yoga or one of those things. I needed to just put on my girly panties and start going to one of the ladies only lunch places and sit at the counter and hope that some woman would come up and start a conversation. He coached me on how to dress, conservatively but nice, to let the girl talk and control the conversation and when she hit on me to let her. I had to let her touch me so get used to the idea first.

    I went to this ladies only lunch place and I did what I was told I sat at the counter and ate slowly and I had several conversations with women who went there but no date. My coach told me to try a wine bar after work, to ask around and see where a girl could go to get laid. Same thing, dress nice and conservative, nice on the makeup and let the conversation go, allow touching and smile and let myself get picked up. If I wanted to get laid I had to let myself get picked up. The woman that picked me up is a lawyer, mid fifties with a Mercedes and she got very hot when she found out she was getting my virginity. I did have an orgasm, she made sure I had an orgasm. I dated her for a while. But all in all it just wasn't right.

    I told my coach that I had gotten laid but that I still didn't feel the burn. She had to work hard to get me going I just couldn't get in the mood on my own. Wrong girl, I needed another girl, maybe younger, someone who had that certain umph about her. Maybe long hair, maybe instead of getting picked up I needed to focus on a girl and go talk to her and pick her up. Be the butch. Being the butch was harder than getting picked up but after several false starts I did meet a girl at the wine bar who was moving from out of town and she went home with me and I used my experience with the woman lawyer to initiate sex with her. After sex I was more myself and we talked about the whole difficult thing of meeting someone and we started going out, dating. After six months she moved in with me.

    When you meet her and if my sister is there you will see that they are almost perfect clones of each other. Same body size, body type, hair color and physical features, they could be sisters or close cousins. The only difference is that my girlfriend is pure when it comes to guys, and I am pure when it comes to guys and we like that about each other.

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