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    Bi-Sexual Female / 21

    I want to open the curtains of my bedroom window and masturbate against the glass in hopes that my next door neighbor sees me.

    Despite the fact that he has no kids, heâs got quite the dad body that Iâm so infatuated with. Itâs really silly to say, but my pussy has such a crush on him; I get instantly wet whenever I see him and he waves hello to me. We donât say much to each other even though weâve been neighbors for almost my entire life.

    I think about him sneaking over my house at night, where he finally confesses that he wants me. Iâd love to give my first time to him. I imagine that he isnât well endowed, but where he lacks length he makes up for in thickness. He gently lowers me onto him, his cock slowly spreading my little cunny apart. Weâd try our best to be as silent as possible, but I bet his soft grunts are amazing to hear. Weâll make out as my hands stroke his grey beard. God, I was his hands gripping my butt as we both cum together, my pussy milking every last drop of cum from his swollen balls.

    I hope Iâm capable of going on for hours with him. I can see myself in multiple positions, constantly cumming, all thanks to him. But I hope after our session, we keep seeing each other and form a relationship. Heâs much older than me, but Iâm an adult as well so the age difference isnât bothersome in any way.

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