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    Bi-Sexual Female / 51

    Married and the kids are out on their own my husband gave me cruise for my 50th birthday present. We flew to Italy and caught the cruise around the Mediterranean. On board we met a German couple and we got along well and had dinner with them a couple of times so we invited them to our cabin for a before dinner drink and chat. The husbands sat out on the veranda and had a smoke and a whiskey and the ladies sat inside and had a glass of wine.

    The talk went from one topic to the other and then it landed on our life before marriage and some of our experiences. She was a bit too open for my taste, telling me how she had been in love with the girl next door. She had those distant eyes and she told me how they had their first time together and how she was in love after that. But her family was Lutheran and her father was a very strict man and he objected to her being in love with the girl next door so he found her husband and had her marry him. Wow!! To think that this 50 plus woman had been married to this man for 30 years and she was still in love with the girl next door.

    Somehow this brought us together in a special way, I told her a little about some of my high school crushes and my college experience losing my virginity and how I met my husband and at work and he seemed to offer the security that I was looking for. But her story of her love for the girl next door was just too much. In that twenty or so minute conversation she told me that once she was married she stayed with him and never followed her heart and never made love with her girlfriend.

    We got home from our cruise and I went back to work at my somewhat boring job at the insurance office where I work and my husband went back to his job. One of the young girls at my work flirts a lot with me. I had never put it together, she was flirting not just being friendly and I asked her to lunch and one weekend after that I asked her to go with me to this quilt show and I was friendly to her and she was very friendly to me. I kissed her at the quilt show and she didn't say anything so I kissed her lips again and said I hoped she didn't mind. I asked her to show me where she lived and we went there and I asked her for a kiss, this time I asked her for a kiss to make up for all the kisses we had missed, I undressed her slowly playing with her as I took off this and that and let her undress me. There were lots of kisses and gentle massages of her breasts but I was intent of doing what I wanted, I opened her legs and tasted a girl for the very first time.

    She and I have a wonderful close relationship and we have made love so many times that you stop counting, long sensuous kisses, full body massage, and she was always so ready to let me open her legs and show her how much I want to make love to her. I didn't have a girl next door to love when I was growing up, and I felt bad about feeling the way I did, I waited until I was almost through college before I let a guy have sex with me so that I could say I did, I married my husband because he was a good catch but never felt wild for him. No, over the years from time to time I found myself with feelings for a neighbor or a coworker or a young woman at the mall. After listening to the story of the lost love of my German friend on the cruise I decided that was enough. I came home and I let the girl at work know just how big my feelings for her are and try to show her everyday that she is the love of my heart. I am not going to walk away anymore.

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