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    Straight Female / 28

    So this is my story: I am a 28 year old career woman single and independent that happened to fall in love, or at least I think I am with a 36 year old man, collegue of mine from work ,divorced and having a 5 year old daughter.
    I get along with him, he is super nice, he is a really decent good looking guy, he is funny and smart, he makes my day happier having him around me. We only have a professional relationship but I wish there it would be more. I only know him for a month and I already like him very much.Ok, this is the good part.
    The bad part is that he is kinda of a flirt, he likes being in women company maybe too much. I don't know exactly why he got divorced if he cheated on her or what he did exactly but I think that he doesn't want to comitt anymore.Sometimes I just think that he likes to play with women minds, he likes to tease me sometimes but doesn't want anything serious.
    I wish I could make him see that I am there for him, I am available I wish that he would see me as a woman as a future girlfriend, etc.
    From what I have heard he is single for 2 years he hasn't been in a relationship since then, and that he was really devastated after he got divorced.
    I wanna be that woman that will change his mind and make him want to start a new life next to a new woman. Obviously I want that woman to be me but I don't know to act desperate or freak him out or anything he doesn't know what I feel for him.

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    Check and see why he divorced: infidelity can come in many ways, not just with another woman. He may be gay.

    In any case it maybe that he is never going to get serious again--don't waste your life on him--tell him how you feel and see what he thinks. Listen to what he says and take appropriate steps in your own life: you cannot control him, but you can decide how long or even if he is worth persuing.
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    If heâs a flirt, play along! Tease him and see how he reacts, if you feel his response is positive towards you, take it to the next step n seduce him! Suggest going out for a drink after work and see where it leads. Donât hesitate to take the lead, itâs a huge turn-on for many guys when the girl takes charge. Good luck!
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    A month knowing him is just a crush. Just be his friend for several months, get to know him better, maybe go to lunches, stuff outside of work. Youll find out if he's still relationship material. Good luck.
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    I had two coworkers where the woman had the hots for the guy. The woman started complaining about her want of cum in her mouth. ONLY around him, she complained of her craving for the taste for cum. she CRAVED it. It took a while for him to get the hint but it got my coworker to get off his ass and make a move on her. They are married now.
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    My collegue doesn't even dream that I have a crush on him, he doesn't have a clue about my feelings for him. I can't start having any sex related chat with him just out of the bloom he will probably think I am crazy.
    And I am not the only one crushing over him, I have some slutty female coworker that hits on him without any regrets, I can barely can have a moment with him without her to barge in and make some stupid joke.I swear to God that if they will hook up together I will become a nun and i'll give up on men for ever.

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