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    Straight Male / 45

    This is 1/2 confession and 1/2 looking for advice.

    Married male here - recently my wife agreed to let me watch her have sex with another guy.
    (long story as to why we even considered it...too much to write here)
    She has only been with 2 guys total in the past 2 years, so its certainly not a "lifestyle" for
    us or anything.
    Both guys were black and well hung, it was a treat for my wife as well as for me to see her
    that content. We were not looking for black guys specifically, it just kind of fell into place
    with them.
    Honestly, that fulfilled every last fantasy I ever had.
    She sucked both our cocks at the same time, we "took turns" with her, there was alot of dirty
    talk about how big his cock was.
    And yes, after they left I would go down on her. I could not help it, I was drawn to her
    sloppy pussy! My wife and I shared another mans special of a bond is THAT??
    My confession is that I ate another guys cum out of my wife (twice) and it was very exciting
    and erotic.

    Now the problem...
    My wife and I had the best sex life planning and talking about the "what ifs" of her having
    sex with another man. And everything worked out perfectly.
    But now that we did what??
    We can't talk about the "what ifs" since its already been done.
    We both fulfilled every fantasy we ever had.
    For the past couple months we have talked about what DID happen to get us excited,
    but that's getting old.

    We said after the last time with the 2nd guy that we would not do it anymore.
    But we both seem to not care about being intimate anymore with each other. We don't have
    that added "spark" that another guy gave us.

    I never considered the letdown after you have done everything sexual you ever fantasized
    For my wife and what??

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    That's the problem with taking fantasies into reality, it takes away a lot of fun for an exceptional moment. Fantasies are almost always better than reality, and even when they meet expectations, it takes more to find that exhilaration.

    Tread lightly, as swinging can work, but there are a lot more stories of it not working than being successful. My ex and I did it, and she left me for an ex, and I won't do it again.
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    What if you just sucked the guy's dick while your wife watched?

    What if she dressed you up as a femme and she watched you get fucked?

    What if you two invited a femme into play and your wife wore a strappie and did the both of you?

    What if.... ?

    Lots of what if's still out there.
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    "swinging can work, but there are a lot more stories of it not working than being successful. My ex and I did it, and she left me for an ex, and I won't do it again."

    Do you still try to push that bullshit into people?

    Five days ago you came up with this: "Why do you think there are so many guys on here who want to see their wives have sex with another man, and the woman ends up running off with them?"

    I asked then how many guys exactly is there who have lost their wives because of meeting someone when swinging? Please do tell us.

    There is only one, You, and then you come up telling what really happened. It was not swinging why she left you. She was a cheating bitch. Get over it. If it wouldn't happen while having a swinging party, it would had happened in somewhere else.

    There have been literally thousands of studies about sex, sexual practices and fetishes and sexuality over the past 60 years and NONE of them suggest that cuckold, or cuckqueen would end up losing their partner to someone else. Studies suggest that compared to normal couples, the relationship with cuckolding or swinging couples is really tight and it only strengthens it. Their divorce rates are minimal.

    You wrote: "would I do it again? Hell no, as the pain and betrayal of my ex leaving me for a friend and lying to me destroyed me for many years."

    Do you really blame swinging for the reason why she left you? Sure, blame it, but next time you haven't learn anything.

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