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    Straight Male / 29

    In March last year I agreed to have sex with my wife's aunt in return for her bailing us out of debt. I told my wife the extra money each month was coming from the extra hours I was putting in. But in reality those hours were spent fucking the most dirty sexually needy woman I've ever known. Amy is one sex hungry slut, who just loves all kinds of sex and usually very rough sex. In all I guess she's now given us more than eight thousand bucks, which has cleared our debts completely. The thing is I would have stopped, really I would have, if it wasn't for my wife.
    I honestly thought she didn't know, and was lying each month about the money. But when I told Amy just before Christmas we should now stop because her help had cleared our debts, my wife sat me down when I got home and said "You'll be staying over at Amy's in between Christmas and New Year. She's helped us massively, now you can continue fucking her until WE agree you're not".
    My wife knew all along and had worked it all out with Amy. When, where and how much each fuck would benefit us. I did stay over and had three days of awesome sex with a forty seven year old horny bitch. Back home my wife wanted to know every detail, so as we had sex, I told her.
    It's now become a pattern for us as, I've continued to fuck my wife's aunt and relay everything to my wife as we fuck. Weird but I'm not complaining.

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