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    I work for a multinational company and part of my job required me to travel to Europe on a regular basis. In Holland I dealt with this consulting firm and one of the consultants assigned to me was this woman. She was slight, dark hair, a little dark complected to be Dutch although she told me she was Dutch, she was pretty in a sort of off the cuff way. She was smart and well educated and for this one day we spent most of the day together, she asked the questions and I answered. I asked her to lunch and we went about a block away to this small shop for a sandwich and a soup and then back to work for her to gather more information. She was formal but friendly but sent off vibes that she was not interested or available for dating. I asked her to go out to dinner and she refused.

    The next day I am back at the consultants office and this time I am working with this Dutch lawyer, he is definitely Dutch tall and slim and speaks English very well, he worked for a while in New York, obviously several levels above the girl of the day before. Again during lunch we go to the same sandwich shop and I ask him about her and I told him she didn't look Dutch. I get the story of how many immigrants are in Holland now and she is Dutch but her parents are from Turkey. Mother and father, she is one of six sisters, all born in Holland so they are Dutch.

    After work I am at my hotel and as I have her phone number I decide to send her a text, just hello, thinking of you, thanks for the work session the day before. In a second I get an answer thank you and how am I doing. Well I answer that I am not doing well, I am alone at this hotel and I don't have any idea where to go to eat and I hate eating alone. Second text one second later, if she would accept my invitation, eat dinner with me, her choice of where. Well she agreed to meet, she gave me the address and I caught a cab and met her at the appointed hour. She is there with her younger sister, who looks just like her. She is polite and the sister hardly talks, only answering direct questions and I do get out of her where she went to school and that she had never been the States. I tell her that the States has a huge investment in Holland and that my grand uncle had fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Ancient history, she didn't know anything about that. So I told her, well the fact is that Americans came over to Holland to die for the Dutch and they were buried in Holland. That broke the ice and she told me about her parents, they were Christians and persecuted in Turkey and that is why they had gone to Holland.

    Six sisters, all within about nine years, all born in Holland, her father drove a taxi and then got a job working for a construction company and now that he was older he worked at a factory that made high precision equipment, but she and her sisters had gone to college but living alone until they are married. The conversation was so fluid and I said well the best thing in the world was mixing people up, and it sure would be nice to get mixed up with her, she made my blood run hot. She was embarrassed and her little sister shocked but I kept pushing and told her that she was hot and I could really use some loving on her side and if her sister wanted to come I was open to it. Things got really hot after that, a lot of arguing but I stayed on point telling her that I wanted her to come back to the hotel with me, bring her sister and show me why I needed to experience sex with a Turkish girl. I took her hand and kissed her, and then kissed her sister. Angry she said they were leaving and angry I said I wanted her to come back to the hotel with me.

    We paid and walked out of the restaurant, I took her in my arms and kissed her right there on the street, and when I stopped I grabbed her sister and kissed her too. I took her by the hand and we walked a couple of blocks to this queue with taxis and told them to get in and we went to the hotel. In the hotel they followed until I was at my room and escorted them in. I kissed her solidly on the mouth and then kissed the sister. I sat on the bed and pulled her over and started to undress her. She was doing fine until I got to her underwear and then she didn't want to continue. Her sister was easier, she let me take her underwear off and then her older sister let me take her underwear off. I got undressed and opened the bed and asked them to get on the bed and I went straight to sucking tits, with my hand looking for their pussy. Both girls were totally creamy white beneath their clothes, and neither girl had any grooming of their upper legs or pussy. Fucking them came easy, they were compliant and fucked. Neither was comfortable with any sort of oral sex, but they did allow and gave themselves to having their boobs played with and kissing and sucking on their nipples, they both fucked openly.

    After I had fucked them both I turned on one lamp across the room and we talked in bed. We talked more about their backgrounds and growing up in Europe, they were Dutch in their thinking and sex wasn't new to them both having been sexually active since their mid teens. They liked Dutch boys or men and they did not like Turkish or Arab men. They did like sex. It was midnight and they said that they should be going home so we got dressed and I walked them to the lobby and got them a cab and kissed them goodnight. For the next couple of years when I went to Holland we hooked up and had sex, I invited her to come see me in the States and after a year she agreed to come alone and we had a great ten days together. Marriage was a so so thing, she and her sisters are not into the Turkish woman marriage, but she did say that maybe she would but maybe she wouldn't. It meant leaving her family and her little sister. The ringer was getting her residency and citizenship in the States. She blends in quite well, her English has become more American and she has a job with an investment bank as an analyst. Her sister comes to visit and she is not quite a wild thing, but she is aggressive for attention and she wants to have sex. The good news is that she stays close to home and doesn't go out for it.

    She will turn 29 this year and her sister turns 23. This marriage is open and closed at the same time, with her sister yes with any other woman no. Her parents are really far away both physically and socially, there is not really anything in common with them. Marriage has made sex mandatory and never spontaneous. What was a wild experimental thing is now obligatory, the only time we have experimental sex is when her sister is here and she gets competitive but oral sex is still not an accepted thing with them.

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