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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 36

    Which man doesn't like blow jobs. My husband, that's who. In fact if and when we do have sex nowadays (Once every three months or so), its vanilla sex and its all over with in seconds.
    I adore giving blow jobs, and also love being fucked whether that's vaginal or anal.
    Not able to convince my husband of his sexual duties towards me (I'm slim, fit and considered good looking) I've been entertaining a teenage neighbour of ours for the past four months.
    He really enjoys me licking and sucking away on his gorgeous eight inch hard cock. And he goes mental when he fucks my pussy and arsehole, as hard as he wishes. He's always horny and he's always trying to get into my knickers, which I allow at the drop of a hat.
    It won't last forever I know that, but I also know there are many many men out there who enjoy having their dicks sucked. So believe from now on, I won't go cock short ever again.

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    Your husband is likely closeted. No healthy straight make isn't all over a hot wife who loves sex unless they aren't into sex with women. Have him followed. He's the one who really likes to suck dick.
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    sorry your husband does not like having his cock suck each day . all real men would like having a great suck job each day. you would be sucking my black dick each day if i was your man. i bet you suck it dry very well.

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