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    My wife came home from work last night to tell me she had a work emergency, and needed to fly to Miami for a few days. Corporate headquarters had her on the phone all day and she couldn't rectify the issue and needed to personally solve the issue. The problem? These emergencies have been becoming more frequent. Around 2 months ago, I had a tracker installed in her cell phone, and while she was " in the office" with headquarters the GPS showed her in the mall a few miles from the house.

    I wasn't born last night, I met her when she was married to her first husband, and I was the other man. We've been married 4 years, and her daughter lives with us. As you might have guessed, her daughter knows whats going on too, and we've been playing house for the last 3 trips. We haven't actually fucked yet, but she wants it.

    I don't know how much longer I can stand her sleeping next to me naked, but if I give in, it'll be this trip.

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    Give us an update if you do please.

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