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    Straight Male / 29

    I'll be 30 in three weeks and am still tormented by my cousin Laureen for what went on when I was a kid. Its been probably 16 or 17 years ago and I think I was only 12 the first time. I can't remember how she manipulated me at the time but in any event she was able to get me to strip naked in front of her. She is 5 years older than me and after a few times was able to have me masturbate in front of her and a few of her friends over a year or so. I do remember her giving me money many times and can't recall if or how I wasn't embarrassed at the time. I am now because every time I see her she reminds me of it. I rarely see her anymore except at family functions mostly weddings or funerals. She finds it funny to talk about it but now it does embarrass me. She makes it worse by mentioning the names of her friends who saw me naked and masturbating but I only remember a few. She names 7 or 8 girls, who I did know at the time and 2 or 3 of them I see a few times a year. They never have brought it up but I'm sure they didn't forget about it either. I do remember it stopped when Laureen went to college so at the oldest I was only 13. I don't remember that many girls seeing me but I think it possible. They were all older than me, I think about Laureen's age. Laureen babysat for me and my sister when we were young and probably had more control over me at that age. I try to figure out how she got me to strip for them and I do remember her taking me to movies and buying me candy and stuff. I just don't know how she was able to get me to undress in front of her and her friends and let them watch me masturbate. I have to chalk it up to being a naïve kid.

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    If it bothers you that much call a child abuse hotline and see if anything could be done against her. She was clearly older and took advantage of you.
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    If she keeps bringing it up, it probably still turns her on to think about it. Tell her to strip and play with herself. Take control.

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