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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I have a twin brother & sister two years younger than me & like normal siblings we fought growing up.

    It usually involved a two on one scenario but one time after we had wrestled our sister to the floor my brother turned on me. Allowing them both to overpower me, strip me to my boxers & twist my nipples.

    That started an escalating fued between us I had to get revenge. My sister first. The opportunity came on afternoon she had fallen asleep sunbathing so I undid the string of her bikini, got a bucket of ice cold water & drenched her.

    My brother knew he was next & the weeks went by all the time him aware I would strike. I waited until one very icy morning in the middle of winter & jumped him. Stripping him to his boxers I pulled them right up his ass & threw him outside.

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