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    Straight Female / 51

    I'm 51 years old married mom. I'm sexually involved with my 27 years old son. My husband is still alive, but he doesn't know.

    I first noticed that my son was curious about my body when he was around 13-14. So at the beginning of the puberty. But it was just curiosity, there was no sexual attraction between us at that time.

    First time he showed sexual interest in me when he was around 16. he was laying with me in the bed and tried to slip his hand in my dress and tried to touch my vagina.But I stopped him and said that it was inappropriate to touch someone like that without his or her permission. And it was more inappropriate since I'm his mom. He never tried to directly touch me like that after that, but he always tried to hug me and cuddled with me,

    As he grew up he started showing more sexual interest in me. But I didn't feel any sexual interest for him until he went for college. I started missing him and I don't know how I kind of started thinking of him as a man. But the sexual attraction was very faint.
    After he got into college after 5 months I visited him. He was living in a rented apartment with two of his friends. But he said they're very loud and noisy, and they were disturbing with his studies. So we started searching for a new house, and we found a new one in lot cheaper price. But it was new and we had to redecorate it. We bought some things which we thought would be necessary and started setting up his new apartment together over the weekends.

    He is not very muscular bodybuilding type. But he is tall 6'3 nice broad shoulders wide chest and back. And when he worked in just wearing his shorts I felt him really attractive. I felt like we're newlywed couple settling on our new home. And as soon as the idea came in my mind, I felt so embarrassed and scolded myself 'what am I thinking?'.

    Also there were no doors on the rooms or bathrooms. But the owner promised to put them soon. So for the first few days we have seen each other almost nude a lot of time. And it caused our attraction to grow stronger. Soon we settled down and it was time for me to go back to my house. The night before my leaving we lay down together and we were hugging and suddenly he said, mom i love u. i want u in my life. and he started kissing in my lips and holding me tight and pushing his pelvis on me. I was surprised but I didn't say r resisted him this time. Eventually I kissed him back. He got on top of me kissing and slowly humping me over clothes. Felt his hands lifting up my dress slowly. Touching my thighs and going towards my vagina. I clasped my legs together but not to resist but I was aroused and felt tingly sensation between my legs. he slowly spread my legs and removed my panty. slowly licking my clit and putting his tongue inside my vagina. I was so aroused, I didn't resist. I was moaning a little. Then he pulled out his penis, I realized what he going to do but not in a state to decline him. He rubbed his penis on the vagina lips few times, I was already wet by then. He eventually pushed its head inside and gave it a thrust, it went half inside. I felt a penis inside me after 17 18 years. I was melting my whole body was squirming. soon he gave another thrust and went full inside of me. he wait for few moments and then started moving his hips. Within 5 6 minutes he was on verge of cumming and before I could say anything he released it inside me. within 2 minutes he was hard again and started moving his hips and this time after 10 minutes he came again. After that he panted and once his penis got soft he rolled over and we didn't talk.

    After 30 35 minutes I got up and cleaned myself and then again came and lay beside him on the bed. I couldn't sleep. My ear was burning, thinking what just happened, what should I do now, should I talk to him or not, what would happen next. And after 4 5 hrs laying there like that at the morning 5 am I eventually slept. I woke up at 8 am and got ready and he dropped me off at the station and I board the train. We didn't talk at all during that time not even hugged.

    When he was in college, he lived in an apartment near the college. It was 300 km away from our home. After graduating he started living with us again.

    We get together quite often now. In a normal week about 3 4 times.

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