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    Straight Female / 32

    I had a normal life growing up but when I got to college I got involved with recreational drugs, alcohol and cigarettes, eventually dropping out and I ended up living with an older woman and sleeping with her and she kept me on drugs. I helped her sell and found mostly college kids to buy and like I said I slept with her and I was her
    'pussy'. I was always high on something and I had gone out with this other girl who helped sell drugs to the college kids when I found the woman I was living with in bed with a fifteen year old girl. I snapped, up to that time I thought I was her girl, and for some reason her fucking a teen just got to me. That is when I went home.

    At home, the drugs and my attitude my parents looked for help. My mother knew this man who she always thought of as a hard ass and she asked him to straighten me out. I am going fast here, but he put me in a house without television or computers and Magda to watch over me. I spent a lot of time in a cold shower, ice cold water. I had to eat and eat, there was a chart on the wall of the bathroom with my weight and my goal was to gain 35 pounds. Everything was kept away from me, I was taken off cold turkey including the cigarettes. There were magazines and books and newspapers but no TV or internet. After a couple of weeks a stationary bike was brought for me to ride, I had to ride until I could ride for 45 minutes without getting winded. Of course I had to clean up for myself, and cook. Magda had all kinds of recipes I had to make, lots and lots of meat dishes, potatoes, rice anything to fatten me up. I spent all my anger at Magda who I was sure then and I am sure now is a lesbian witch.

    After more weeks I was told that one night a week I had to prepare a dinner for the 'man'. He would come over, I prepared and served him dinner, we talked and I had to have a normal conversation. By then I had a television but still no internet. I got the WSJ and the Miami Herald and a Mexican Newspaper (I didn't know I was in Mexico). Magda rode me hard, cold showers, exercise, food, food and more food, and everyday she counted the pounds, get fat, get fat, actually get fit, get fit but to me it was get fat. My hair grew out and a hairdresser came to cut and fix my hair, then a lady came who spoke only Spanish to teach me how to use makeup so I would be dressed and presentable on the days I had to fix dinner for the 'man'.

    After six months I was pretty clean. Every month from the day I went there they took hair samples for drug analysis, Magda checked how much I pooped, she wanted complete movements. The more I ate the more I pooped, really. I was given hot water to shower, nice clothes to wear I started to go out to restaurants and to the movies, always with Magda the Witch. I cooked once a week for the 'man', and one day I don't know why he kissed me on the mouth when he came, I am sure it was an accident but to me it was like the gates of heaven opened up. It became a habit and whenever he came for dinner he kissed me on the mouth. Not make out kisses, just a wife kiss. To me it was a wife kiss.

    One of the nights, I dressed up and was looking forward to an evening out, I had internet by then and I had moved in with him at his house, we went to the Opera which I hated, but I was around nice people, all dressed up and he introduced me as his houseguest. I had been taking Spanish lessons for months but most everyone spoke English and I used my Spanish mostly with the maids. One morning he came to breakfast and leaned over and gave me a good morning wife kiss. In the end to get down to it I started sleeping with him and showering with him every morning and this one morning he started to kiss me in the shower and when we got out of the shower and he dried me off he told me to hold onto the cabinet and he had sex with me from behind and told me that he was going to see if I could really be a wife, in Spanish he asked if I wanted to be his wife. My answer in Spanish is that I was already his wife or at least I thought I was.

    I am married now by law and I have twin daughters who are going to be four, I live in Mexico. My parents come two or three times a year, for the girls not for me. My husband likes having a wife, like he really likes having a wife and I guess it is a small price to pay. Most of the time I close my eyes but sometimes I am wide awake and get lost in the details of the ceiling, but like I said it is a small price to pay. My girls speak Spanish better than English, I only speak to them in English, but I slip up from time to time and speak to them in Spanish. Oh, and Magda she is still around keeping me fit. I swear that woman is a lesbian witch who has no sense of privacy she dresses me for parties and undresses me for bed, she only leaves when my husband comes in the room and stares at him like he is taking me away from her. She still weighs me every day.

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