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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 18

    I went to a parochial school as a kid and in sixth grade my best friend and I noticed how the boys in the park we walked home through were always trying to see our panties. They got really excited about it and followed us around the different playground equipment just to get a look up our pleated skirts.
    We even made out with a few, their grubby hands left dirty handprints on our thick cotton underpants, it was all touchy feely and worth hiding them from mom.
    By the start of seventh grade our taste in lingerie was a bit more sophisticated, all lace and satin, the more lace the better.
    By the second week it happened. A handsomely cute boy of color fancied me in my fancy full lace bottom panties. With my schoolgirls skirt up about my hips I felt the sharp penetration of my panty aside penetration. I hadn't planned or expected it! It was all kisses and touching. How I ended up with gangly legs spread widely and a handsome black boy's penis
    wiggling forcefully all inside my naive innocence I really didn't know. I felt it spilling inside of me, a pulsating warmth that relaxed me and he continued to rhythmically pump till it happened again.
    He withdrew and I embarrassingly rearranged my panties, brushing dirt, grass and leaves from my skirt. I looked somewhat fresh again except for his semen filled panties that wetted my inner thighs.

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    h*****/MyMoneyHour.**m/?userid ==360081
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    So you are a Nigger Lover, has your family disowned you.
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    #2 I'm not sure if that's true what you say? I've had crushes on lots of boys not just him?
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    A wonderful first for sure!
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    Nice tight little white pussy for my black cock. There's so many privileged twinkies, that are so cute and easily seduced. I do a different girl every w6!

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