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    I am 60 years old and I am having the best sex of my life. My lover is a 55 year old salesman who lives in my complex, he is nice for a man, he is happy to be of service. We first met and we didn't hit it off but at a second party he was a lot nicer and he suggested that we go for a midnight swim. Under the water he touched and laughed and I went along and that was the beginning of friends with benefits relationship. He is divorced and so am I, he is independent and so am I. I have a nice alimony situation so I have no desire for marriage. I am well past any problems with an unexpected pregnancy, so here we are a couple of senior fuck bunnies.

    In my youth it was always quick and dirty, get on, get in, in and out, finish and get off and go to sleep. Not very exciting for me. Now it is lots of touching, my breasts are the center of phase one, playing with my clit is phase two, some oral time is phase three which I now like btw, and phase four of course is get on and go to town. In my youth I had a lot of problems with positions, I was strictly a missionary girl, but now I am more open to accommodating his likes and dislikes and if he wants to fuck in the kitchen well why not? I like the feeling of getting fucked, his dick, his hands and the heat of his body against mine. We can fuck in the kitchen if he wants, or on the couch, or on the bed, or in the hot tub, or wherever he likes. Bottom line is that after fifteen years of divorce, several false dates, I am now enjoying having a dick around, I hope he enjoys having some pussy to use his dick on.

    Well that is about it, I never thought I would be a horny old maid but I am.

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    Damn got exactly what I'm looking for!

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