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    Straight Female / 28

    I am married and my husband is the only person I have ever told about what happened when I was fourteen. At the time we lived in a beach community and we when we got bored we went walking on the beach. That night, it was around nine and my friend and I snuck out of our houses and met and went walking on the beach. We would walk about two miles past the houses and then turn and go back. That night when we were well past the houses we saw as fire and when we got there some guys were having a party. They saw us and fucked us. One after the other. They stole our panties and kicked us out and we went back to our homes and we never told anyone. I guess in a way we were lucky that we didn't end up pregnant or with some disease. I met my husband as freshman in college and he fucked me on our first date, he made me sit naked with him while he flipped thru channels and suck his dick. He made me fix him a sandwich and sit beside him and suck his dick, he got hard and he got on me and fucked me again and then sat back so I could suck his dick. He fucked me again later that night. I refused to suck his dick after he fucked me and he called me names and we went into the shower and washed off and only then did I suck his dick again. I woke up naked with him in my bed and I fixed him breakfast. There wasn't any more to it than that. So I got bored about it and I just sat up from sucking his dick one afternoon and told him that he shouldn't be sitting there thinking he was God or something because I had been fucked when I was fourteen. He slapped my face and called me a liar but I told him the whole story and then he felt bad about it and said that he would marry me anyway. We were eighteen and we had known each other about six weeks. We eloped. To this day he is the only person I have ever told. My friend eventually told her older sister and they came to talk to me about it. Why get upset about it now? Who cares? It was a lifetime ago, and no one knows who they were anyway.

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    Did you enjoy the gang bNg? Do you want another? Sounds like you are submissive FeqD

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