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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Gay Male / 29

    I confess I was a little slut when I was 12. I'd "accidentally" grab older boys cocks when I was playing around them and acted shy and coy when some of them got what I was doing. A few had the guts to look for me when I was alone and ask me to jerk or suck their cocks, but I was a big tease and never did anything with them. That is until B appeared and I fell in lust. He was 19, had a hot body and seemed to be a cool person from what I could tell. I won't deny I pursued him like a bitch in heat and made him notice me by any means I had, but my "gaydar" was already spot on and we started dating a few weeks later.

    We never appeared together in a place and even pretended not knowing each other to avoid complications, but we had wonderful afternoons in his bedroom. Even though I was mpre than willing, he seemed not to be interested in actual intercourse and always told me to lie naked on his bed while he stood up in front of me and jerked until his cum squirted all over my body. His mind was dirty, however, and he'd jerk while saying and showing me with his hands on his cock what he wished to do with me someday. I'd always cum imagining all that and wanted to tell him to do it, but I kept silent for being afraid he'd run off. But I managed to make him let me jerk him off and suck on his big, fat cock over time and he loved it.

    One day he asked me if a few of his friends could watch us play and jerk off, ans I said yes. This day I went to his house and three guys were there. We went up to his room and my bf told me to take my clothes off and sit on the bed. As I was doing it, I could see the guys' shorts raising. Then he undressed and told me to come over him and kiss him, something far away from the point we had ever gone, and it was heavenly. We were kissing and the guys were undressing and starting to jerk off telling my bf to spread my butt cheeks so they could see my hole. This was the point where I realised how it was possible for a man to be a full woman with the right guy.

    I confess I was a little shaky when I saw those 4 cocks hard and waiting for my mouth to make them cum, but I was so turned on that it didn't even bothered me and I sucked them as if they were 4 delicious lollipops. After a few rounds each, my bf told me to kneal on the side of the bed and bend over it, exposing my litte, tight, untouched pre-teen hole. All of them came over my asshole and made me say I loved that (which I really did). After that, we went to the bathroom and took a shower all together, rubbing and jerking each other.

    My bf took my virginity 2 days later and my hole was stuffed with his fat cock every day from then on. Weeks later I made all 4 of them cum inside my ass. We ended up having foursomes anytime possible and I was the main course, the little slutty girl in a bou's body. It was always wonderful and I guess that's what it pays when you are a slut to older boys. I still am.

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    I was a cute little boy slut too starting in grade school. After getting it from a 15 year old boy for a few weeks I was transformed into a real sissy for boy dicks. I started wearing my sister's panties and still do.
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    Boy scouts are the best! I worked at a oceanfront resort and you could tell the boy's who were or about to become sluts for cock. Skimpy bikini swimsuits and a hungry look always checking out the bulge in my lifeguards suit. They couldn't wait to get a taste of my cock always ending up on the end of it orally and wiggling with it up their tight fresh little ass.

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