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    Straight Female / 27

    I love my husband... I just don't think I'm in love with him anymore. I think the only reason we're still together is for our 4 year old daughter. I need advice so please, no hate comments. I haven't spoken to anyone about this... I'm not the type to open up.. It's never easy for me to just talk about my feelings.
    Anyway, so we've been together since I was 19, he was 25. We've been best friends since I was 17. It's not the I don't love him, like I said... It's as if, somewhere down this road, we became cold. Sex used to be the best between us, we'd experiment, do all sorts of activities... And we were gamers, we'd spend hours gaming. After I gave birth, granted, I'd rarely have time... He would still hang out with our friends and the late nights would still continue. At first, I would be there too, after the lil one was asleep and we'd sit, laugh and drink till late hours at night... This went on for years, my body couldn't handle it. With the amount of work I HD during the day ND taking care of the daughter, I'd be spent by night. Sometimes I just wanted an intimate night between us.. But the friends would always come knocking.. So I gave up, I guess, I'd have a drink, two or four and if they still hadn't left, I'd go to sleep by myself...
    We recently took a vacation and we experimented some more... Had threesomes and it was amazing. Sad part is, I did everything to make him cum, tried to tick everything on his sexual list.. In the end, I was left alone again, urges still there... He passed out from drinks and weed... So there I was, sat, horny af... And smoking up with his friend. One thing led to another and I had the most insane orgasm ever. I've never had that... Sex with my husband was always one goal, to make him cum, to please him... I'd never had someone pleasure me like that... And now that I've had it, I want it... I keep imagining it.. I feel like such a slut.. But I need sexual relief too, don't I?

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    I'm a man I've been married 35 years. We were both exhausted because we had four kids and I work a lot of hours at a very difficult job, my wife mostly had the kids plus a part time job so we were both exhausted all the time. I've always had a much higher libido than my wife and when she was tired it was difficult to get her going so to get relief I would just masturbate. There were times when I was too busy to even do that and it was those times when I would become so horny that, exhausted or not I would just go after her and we always had the best sex then because my Sexual Energy was enough for the both of us and exhausted or not we both enjoyed awesome sex. So I completely quit masturbating and from then on out every time we had sex it was supercharged. As for the "love, in love" thing, being in love is what I call the infatuation period, no matter who you're with that always wears off after a while.
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    Go on lovehoney or adameve and buy yourself a "womanizer" toy. Read the reviews of it. Youll take care of your horniness problem without having to cheat on your immature selfish hubby.
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    quit the drugs and alcohol and work on your relationship. Dont cheat, not cool. Talk, communicate with no kids around. Tell him what you need, want and help him feel good about it.
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    Fuck yes you do. Keep fucking the friend as long as it's good for you.
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    Ok... here is what you do:

    Show your husband what makes you cum and insist it be a part of your sex life with him.
    You need to stop being an enabler. It's not just about his pleasure.

    Keep fucking his friend as long as you want to.
    And grow some balls like these other married women who realize they love being sluts and have made their marriages into new and satisfying life experiences.

    It was your husband's idea to do the 3-some, right?
    He needs to take some responsibility for opening Pandora's Box. (your orgasms)

    Don't use the 'Me Too' barrier either.
    Nothing against it. It needed to happen.
    'Me Too' is fine to a point.
    But it can't be applied to everything or we're ALL fucking doomed.

    My point here is to take total control of all the sex in your life.
    You've got a lot going on.
    It should all be good and satisfying for you.

    Tell your husband you liked the 3-some and you want more and maybe on a regular basis.
    Tell him he can fuck you as often as he wants so long as he puts out and you get yours too, whatever you decide that will actually be...
    And tell him in those very words if you need to.

    Stop whining and worrying.
    So you feel like a slut?
    Oh, my, you're such a bad girl.
    It actually feels kinda naughty and refreshingly wanton doesn't it?

    Embrace your new sexuality.
    You're a mother and a wife and you've paid your dues.
    And believe me, your looks will fade fast enough. Time is ruthless.

    So enjoy being a head-turner while you still can.
    Enjoy feeling like the slut you are because so is every other girl out there.

    You deserve to feel good in every way about yourself.
    And you should.
    You're a fucking 21st century American woman.

    Remember, it's your body.
    It's your pussy both of these guys want.
    So you call the shots.
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    Wow. I didn't expect these feedbacks. Thank you for them. Will definitely try all of them :)
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    Yea #5 just start demanding shit. ANY guy will respond positively to that. Fucking amateur. No man is going to respond well to that. He's gonna smile and nod and in his head he's gonna be saying "Fuck this bitch!" So disregard dipshit #5

    One good thing said here is the 'honeymoon' period. That ALWAYS wears. Marriage is a marathon not a sprint. You do need to communicate to your husband that the sex leaves you unsatisfied. We're guys and sometimes we just dont know. And typically after sex at night we're spent and will crash. If your husband cares for you, which Im sure he does just tell him the truth. Dont just start demanding things regardless of the fact "both men want your pussy" Thats gonna push him away. Up to now he thinks nothing is wrong and if you come charging in he's gonna be really confused.

    So tell him how to get you off, what you like the most and when he does it, over play it a little, THAT will supercharge his ego and next thing you know he'll be doing it regularly. Or bring a toy to bed. Use it while he's fucking you. The main goal is to get your point across without making it 'his fault' because he may not even know. From your story you've never mentioned it so he thinks things are fine and dandy. You keep cheating and its gonna wreck your life. Getting your pussy off is not worth losing everything. Be honest, but be nice, thats the key.
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    Getting your pussy off is the only thing that matters. Put that friends dick way down inside it
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    Now I'm getting really confused. I mean a lot of what you all are saying is making a lot of sense.. But it's very hard.. My husbandis creature of himself.. He has a big cock.. Very big, I might add... Problem is, he doesn't know what to do with it.. He has his fantasies, I indulge... But that's about it... Crap.. I feel bad even writing about this... But thank you all <3
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    *my husband is very sure of himself

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