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    Straight Female / 46

    I am a married woman and have just discovered lots of photographs and vid clips on my husbands computer profile. he is dressing as a woman in my panties and stockings and clearly wants to be a sissy..... I have decided that Im going to post these things all over the place.....humiliate the wanker.... can anyone advise me where to post these pictures and are there any chat rooms where I can expose him

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    Don't do it. Whatever you're feeling, let it go. If you post those things you will get a divorce and you will get caught and fucked. And, what if he has nude pics of you or you two fucking and you just haven't found them yet. Do you want him to retaliate by posting the shit of you?
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    Why donât you just let him enjoy it. Help him live his fantasy. Buy clothes for him. Give him a closet and drawers where he can keep all his girly things. Can he get passable? Let him get dressed up and take him for a ride and let him walk around places where he feels comfortable. I done this in Ft Lauderdale for years. I get dressed and go out late at night and walk around pretend Iâm window shopping. If this turns him on, love him enough to help him or just ignor it and donât bash him about it. Take him to a gay crossdressers club. He needs this, let him not only have it but not feel bad about needing it.
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    My wife found pics of me from my pre and post puberty years. I was in panties etc. and being used in every way a cute boy could by boys and men. She's embraced my feminine side and we roleplay dress up together.
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    My husband had just gotten ready for work and he was running late so he was rushing out and forgot his laptop. I was still laying in bed and my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to look through it. There were several files and I wasnât finding anything unusual. Then I saw a file titled jokes. So I said to myself why not, I could use a good laugh. I clicked on the file and when it opened I was shocked. There were pictures of girls naked with captions he had put on them. What was really bad was that the pictures were of me and my sister along with several of my nieces. I looked through all of them and saw that he had pictures of our sons girlfriend. I wasnât sure how he was able to get her pictures. I decided to look through his email and found some emails from him to our son. I went through them and our son had sent him the pictures of his girlfriend and I was in disbelief when I saw that my husband had sent our son some pictures back and those pictures were of me.
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    First of all posting pics of him online without his consent is illegal, you will get roasted in your divorce case.

    If you hate him doing it so much, just divorce him and move on. With so much hate about this I wonder what else is going on? Surely you have done or do things that are outside the box and wouldnt want others to find out about.

    And does his actions really hurt anybody? If you love him, accept his fantasies and encourage him to be honest about it. It might open up a whole new chapter in your relationship.
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    Yes I agree. Posting photos is wrong. Just get over it and move on.
    Then go out and get your big flabby quim filled with fresh spunk and your bum hole filled with big fat juicy cock and tongue .
    Then come back here and tell us all about it you moaning whining bitch.
    Take care x
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    This story is fucking bullshit. You just found out pictures of him and just like that, you end up here, one of the "most popular" sites in the world asking where you could upload those pictures.

    Apparently some people are stupid, but most people are not.

    Quit lying.
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    Itâs interesting that you all think I hate him ....I donât. I love him. I simply felt hurt and betrayed...and I think it would be an exciting thing to expose him in places where others would see him and communicate with him...I genuinely believe that he wishes to experience the humiliation....I was looking for help...NOT judgement but thanks to all who replied and offered advice.

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