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    Gay Male / 24

    I found out I was gay when I was 14. I had lost a bet and the punishment was to suck the winner off. Even though I thought I'd hate it, it was the contrary. I didn't show I was enjoying it, but my cock was as hard as a rock under my pants. This made me realise I was gay and I wasn't bothered at all because I never knew why girls didn't attract me and now I did.

    I began to realise my father seemed to know I was gay since ever. My family was always very opened about sexuality and body acceptance, so sometimes I'd shower with one or both my parents until I was 10, but my father seemed to like to brag about his cock and how girls liked it when we showered together. He'd show me its thickness, how the head was meant to "easily get in some places", how his nutsack was heavy and so on, but he never suggested anything inapropriate or wanted me to touch it or something.

    Remembering his cock started to make me horny. With time, I started to use this remembraces to masturbate. Now I wish I had the guts to tell him I want his cock and dream of his acceptance. I want to sit on his cock and make it go all the way in my asshole until its last inch. I want to swallow his cum and hear him moan while he cums. I want him to slap my face with his big balls. I want him to fuck me, make my ass gape, I want him to use me as his impregnating toy. I wish...

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    I knew that my oldest son was curious about guys when he became a teenager. I figured that he was interested in both guys and girls because I had caught him several times looking at his mother and looking down her shirt any chance that he would get. My wife had left for a couple of weeks to help her mother so that left the two of us alone in the house. I decided to see if he was also trying to get looks at me. When I went to bed I made sure to leave the door half way open and I stripped naked and layed on the bed watching a video. He was in his room by this time playing his game. I started to jerk and got it nice and hard. The video I had playing was one I had rented with some guy on guy scenes. After a while I heard him open his door so I pretended to be asleep. I had my eyes open enough to see if he was looking. On his way back from the restroom he stopped at my door and stared at me for what seemed like a good while. I saw him slide his hand in his shorts and he was pulling at his cock. Then I heard him call my name and I just layed there. He slowly walked in and stood beside the bed and pulled his cock out and waved it at me then quickly put it back and called me again. I was getting nervous and my heart was beating faster not knowing what he was going to do next. He reached over and shook my leg calling me again and I turned my head to the side a little and made fake snoring noises. With one hand in his shorts he moved his other hand and rubbed my stomach. When he figured that I wasnât waking up he reached out and I felt him touching the head of my cock. He grabbed it and very slowly started moving his hand up and down. He was biting his lip and pulled his shorts down and his cock sprang out hard. It was a good 6â. A few minutes later he moved my hand and started rubbing his cock on my hand like he was fucking my hand. He whispered how he would like to suck my cock and he wanted to get his cock in mine. By this time I was leaking precum and he was wiping it with his fingers and then he was licking them tasting me. I got so hot that I wrapped my fingers around his cock and gave it a squeeze. He froze and looked at me and I leaned my head over and licked the tip. He jerked my cock faster and then I felt him grabbing my head and started pumping his cock in my mouth. I stopped him and got him to lay down and I got his head and rubbed my tip on his lips. We were both sucking each other off. He shot several jets filling my mouth. That night I let him do whatever he wanted and I even gave him an added surprise and let him look at all the pics I had of his mother naked.

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