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    Straight Male / 18

    This is a confession but also a question. I know what causes people to end up in closets. I'm 18 last year HS but my parents are doctors. I know that the only gay people in closets are those from homes where one or more parents have acted like gay is wrong or a sin. Kids with parents like mine if they were gay or bi would say so & be encouraged to date same sex if they wanted. My parents would have said I need a boyfriend if I had been gay. Really, my dad for sure would have said find a nice boy your age to date but I'm straight. As said, if I wanted to or was bi or gay, I could date another guy no problem at all. This means, I don't know how to state it clearer, I'm not gay or bi.

    I have four close friends from school that I've known for years. One is gay. I've always known that. He's never been in a closet. His parents are cool with it all. They aren't dumb or religious freaks. Like my parents, they are Atheists 100% with the once dead, it's forever so live life to fullest. We are the type of guys who were abused with a fake hell everlasting if we were bad boys. We don't believe in the Easter Bunny or any other bullshit fiction. Every friend has stayed at my house. One time all did but my mom won't allow it since she's always saying we run around & someone will get hurt. I don't agree but it's her house. Three weeks ago just like times before, my gay friend stayed over. We played video games late. My room has a bathroom & French Doors lead to his room. Both have other doors to a hall but I leave the French ones open in case he has to piss late at night. I've always gone to my underwear at night & sleep that way so I've been around him like that many times. We've looked at both gay & straight porn. We divide it up some. I know what gay guys do. I think it's nice but I wasn't ever turned on by it as in wanting to do things that way. Most of the porn he showed me is one guy making love to another. It looks just like a guy with a girl in how it goes imo unless the two are sucking each other off but that's still oral which a guy does with a girl too just she doesn't have a penis. I always jerk off before I go to sleep. He can't see that from his room. You can't see one bed to another. My room is large so it's a long ways one bed to another room's bed. I thought he probably jerked off too but he calls it fap. I never thought he had the hots for me because he's very verbal about stuff. He told another boy at school that he liked his extra phone stuck in his pants because it looked big. That's a straight boy too. He's not as gay friendly but that's why he said that. I'm still very protective of him because a couple of years ago some other boys were bothering him. I had to get in between that & risk a real fight. They backed down because I'm bigger. I'm the taller boy who does work out a lot so no one is likely to mess with me at school. My gay friend is a skinny boy & he's only about 5'8". I'm 6'2" so I'm in the taller range at school. I play sports hard but my friend hates sports. We both like video games.

    Anyway, 3 weekends ago after looking at a little porn, we went to bed. I waited a few minutes then got my lube that I jerk with. He walked in right then to the bathroom. I hide my lube under my covers so he wouldn't see it. I didn't want him to know I was going to jerk off. Same as if he was one of straight friends. When he came out of bathroom, he said he saw my lube. He then asked why I needed to DO THAT. I didn't know if he meant use lube or jerk off. I said I like lube but don't have to use it. I can do it without that. He freaked me out a little. He said that I knew he liked me all that time & that I know he's gay so with him there, why do I need to do anything when he's right there. I was like oh shit. I reminded him he knows I'm straight & not a straight guy hiding from being straight lol You know I care about you dude. We are like brothers but I didn't know you liked me that way. We ended up talking a long time. After that, I ended up getting my dick sucked three times over an hour. I heard him in the other room moaning so loud when he went to bed. I knew he was going to jerk off but I'd never heard another guy moan around me. He was so loud & I knew he was thinking about me when it happened. I felt so bad. My question isn't if I'm gay too. Only the person knows their truth & mine is I'm straight but yes it felt really good getting my dick sucked like that. Question is, is this hurting him? I don't ever want him hurt. I'm talking about emotionally. Is he in love or if I keep letting him do this will he fall in love with me? He has sucked it since then. Once in the bathroom at school when no one was around & two other weekends. I can't say no when he wants to do that. I like how he makes it feel & I know he likes to do that but does he really want more? Do you think he wants me to make love to him like guys do in gay porn? I'm sure from how he is that he wouldn't want to make love to me so it's either that or does he feel real love for me? I need help to say no if this is going to end up hurting him. If he's okay, it's good as it is. Thanks. My name is Bradley or just Brad. This is serious thing & is true going on stuff.

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    Hey Bradley,

    Because of ya'lls age I would say he has a crush on you. A big muscle guy that always protects you is appealing. All you need to do is have that conversation that you are straight and this is just fun. Also, he definitely wants you to fuck him, he may be a virgin and he would love for his best friend to be his first. Overall, gay guys suck of straights all the time and we're happy to do it. So it's not a big deal.

    kik: cadenharp if you have questions
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    Give the man what he wants. He obviously loves your cock--- and you enjoy him sucking it. I think a lot of us on here would enjoy sucking your cock. I'm married, white and 75.
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    Just be honest with your friend. Most guys enjoy getting sucked off no matter whos doing it. Just because you let your friend do it doesnt mean your gay or bi, youre just experimenting and this guy is a close safe friend.

    Let him know you want to just keep it as friends. If you get pulled into a relationship you dont really want it will be harder to end it.

    And thats the same way for any relationship, gay or straight, when casual sex is involved. Hes just a friends with benefits, you need to be clear with him about it.
    Good luck.
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    Go with your feelings. There's nothing wrong with two boys or men enjoying the beauty of their maleness.
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    I've got a friend who's a year older than me but we're in the same grade. Staying overnight at his house in our freshman year last year we smoked some of his older brother's pot. Brian my friend fucked me, it came like out of nowhere? After that whenever I stay over he makes sure he's got pot to smoke so he can have sex with me. We never do anything at my house except once when he brought some pot with him??? We never do anything, only when we get high???

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