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    My son Adam was so desperate in prison. He'd call me some days with that sound in his voice, the sound you know means he's nearly lost it.
    Then his relatively new wife dumps him for another man. It took some talking to him at that time to get him to remain strong, knowing they'd married way too young. And in doing so I probably went over the top in what I said. I basically told him to forget her, because when he got out I'd look after him in every way.
    His whole demeanour changed after that, and two months later he was released.

    Within hours of picking Adam up, he suggested we go to bed so he could "relieve his stress".

    My son was already naked and fully erect by the time I'd been to the bathroom and had entered my bedroom. I was seriously going to tell him what I'd said to him whilst he was in prison, was to keep him strong. But seeing his athletic build, his large thick cock pulsating in front of me, I stripped naked and watched my son's face light up with lust.

    We didn't kiss at first, Adam was too lustful and had me gulping down his massive cock. I struggled taking it all in, but Adam forced me to take more. Then my son twisted us around into a sixty nine and buried his face into my pussy.

    It had been nearly eighteen months that his father passed away, since I'd had sex. And it was his dad's passing that had Adam losing control of his emotions, fighting and destroying a guy outside a bar. Prison was his punishment, five days after burying his dad.

    The feeling of a man licking and sucking away on my pussy and clit, no matter that it was my son, drove me insane with need and sordid lust. I wanted to feel sexually alive again, I wanted to orgasm and most of all, I wanted fucking.

    Releasing his cock, I told him what I needed and knelt up. Adam got in behind me, put his large mushroom shaped cock head to my pussy opening and thrust in. Oh boy, it felt just awesome. His father was a fairly large man, but Adams cock is far thicker and it stretched my pussy driving me to an instant orgasm. When he felt me shuddering and heard me moan with pleasure, my son began to take out nearly two years of emotional frustration out on my pussy. He hammered into me, fucking me like a rag doll and I loved every thrust.

    Any sense of propriety had gone. Any sense of modal or religious wrong doing faded with each forceful slam of his beautiful cock inside my body. And I became his.

    Fucking me over and over and over again, we both began to sweat, but just carried on fucking me. Then stopping suddenly, he spun me around, had me lay back throwing my legs wide and up. Entering me missionary, my son lowered himself and that's when we first kissed as lovers.

    I responded to his kiss, his hard cock thrusts and his passion by grinding my hips forward to meet to powerful thrusts. We were kissing and fucking like teenagers and it was truly wonderful.

    Wham! Out of nowhere I came hard, then Adam rose up gripped my throat and piston fucked fucked me. Screaming out loud, my son's cock erupted deep inside me and I felt his sperm shoot into my body.

    We lay together afterwards, with my son telling me it was wrong. I silenced him by taking his cum and pussy juiced soaked cock into my mouth, sucking it back to its full length.

    Letting Adam spoon me, I gripped his cock and guided his slippery length to my asshole. He slowly pushed in and I knew right then and there, I'd do anything for him.

    We stayed in bed another hour after he'd fucked my asshole, making me orgasm twice before he cams again. Then after we'd showered separately, we dressed, went downstairs and chatted as if it was perfectly normal for a son to fuck his mom.

    And so it is and has been from that point onwards. Adams divorce absolute comes through soon, and we're going to celebrate by having my son and I travel up to a friends lodge. Once there I think we'll walk, talk and most importantly have sex as much as we want.

    We're fully aware what we're doing isn't seen as correct. Yet to us it is. I'm seventeen years older than Adam, yet with my young pretty looks, great figure and youthful outlook, and his growing maturity, we look almost like man and wife. Certainly as Adam and I have such beautiful, awesome and meaningful sex, we're both realizing just how much we love each other and adore the passionate horny and often dirty fucks.

    As he said only yesterday entering my asshole from behind "Mom, I'm always going to love fucking you".

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