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    Bi-Sexual Male / 42

    Question: Do women really like it in the ass? Is it better than in the pussy? Do women cum when fucked in the ass?

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    It hurts and feels good at the same time. I get wet from it and usually masturbate while getting anal. I started taking it analy as a young girl in catholic school trying to stay virgin. Aggressive catholic schoolboys didn't care where they were sticking their penises as long as it was inside of a cute girl!
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    I have been with a few women who had orgasms while getting it in the ass by itself. Usually they had to be extremely horny and probably half the time theyd say they didnt want to do it again after it was over, but when they were ultra horny and wanted you to finger their asses it would lead to it again.

    I never suggested or demanded they take it in the ass. A lot of women tell me its a turn off and for some a deal breaker. I always had luck when it was their idea.
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    This any many other questions to life can be answered with:

    Depends on the girl.
    Some can only orgasm from anal, others hate it with a passion.
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    I like to play with my wife's ass, sometimes she will stop me and say she doesn't like it. She let me put it in her ass when she was cow girl on my lap, she came twice, I loved it. She has to be really turned on and will let me once in a while. She cums easily in any position and I do prefer her pussy most of the time.

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    Once late at night in our third go around I let him, I never have since. I remember only one thing in that it felt like I was then and forever attached to him, but the actual act itself I don't remember. After he finished we had to go to the shower to wash off and while he was drying himself I went and took the sheets off the bed. I spent several months very embarrassed about it and we didn't talk about it. One thing for sure I was his girlfriend from then on. In that sense it changed me.
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    The first I took it my arsehole was by accident my boyfriend was thrusting really hard in and out of me he came out completely and rammed his cock back in I was very wet and by mistake he went up my arsehole I thought of telling him but it felt really good and natural so I let him finish, and told him after.
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    Of all my past lovers only one liked anal sex more than vaginal sex. That one, was soo loose in the front that I had to fist her front to get her off.

    Separately, I had a female co-worker that used to brag that the reason her husband married her was that she like it in the ass just as much as the front and she had no gag reflex. I didn't know what her game was but I didn't believe her until I met her husband. On his own, he proclaimed that the reason he married her was she loved anal and didn't have a gag reflex. Wow.
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    You like it in the ass!
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    I'm 37 and the only time I ever orgasm from anal sex is when my boyfriend has a vibrator penetrating my vagina at the same time. Otherwise I only let him enjoy it.

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