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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    My embarrassing moment is when mom caught me with another boy 2years ago. I just graduated 8th grade and went to spend the summer with dad in California. I was totally naive, I'd never kissed anybody before other than my parents. As soon as I got to my dad's his new wife's kids were so cool, they were a few years older and liked me right away. Both my new step sister and two stepbrothers were making out with me as soon as I got there. I made out with there friends too. After the first week I wasn't a virgin at all anymore and either Billy, Ben or Bobbie slept with me and my dad or their mom didn't see anything wrong with it. I was like in the coolest place ever. Billy and Ben both taught me how to suck and get fucked by boys and Bobbie showed me how to have sex with a girl.
    When I got home mom saw me as different, I don't know if it was that I didn't wear regular boys underwear but had different colored bikini underpants like my stepbrothers wear. She noticed that I had a suspected gay boyfriend who was an upperclassman in my high school. She'd find semen in my underpants and had a talk about "normal" sex. Well she came home early from work and willie's penis was all up inside of me. I was sitting on it too bouncing completely naked. It wasn't a good situation, I was so embarrassed!!!

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    Embarrassingly cute to me if I'd caught you. My stepdad caught me with another boy and I became his boy bitch till mom divorced him. I guess some of it was okay except him sharing me with friends of his. That wasn't cool at all.

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