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    My mother in law came to visit us last weekend. Wife and I had a lot of work to do preparing for our son's birthday party, and it was very helpful having her mother watch the kids. Mother in law lives far away, so usually stays with us for 4 nights. Although we haven't always gotten along, it usually is peaceful.. That being said, over the past year or so, in law has seemed to take more liking to me. This change has been gradual, and she may just finally be coming around to my relationship with her daughter. We are an interracial couple, I am black and wife is white. There were definitely issues toward this in the beginning, but our kids are so cute that its just hard to not like how things turned out. The last time she visited us (time before this trip), while helping with the kids, I noticed her mother looking through our dresser... being nosey. I'm sure she saw my wifes butt plugs and other toys etc. During that trip, while I was in the bathroom, she opened the door on me while I was taking a leak. In my gut, I just felt she did it so she could see my dick. I don't think I got that vibe for no reason, she had to have known I just went into the bathroom and took her chance to see. I have shared this info with wife. Fast forward to this trip. Mother in law sleeps on the couch, as its very comfortable and we don't have an extra bedroom since having kids. Her mother has definitely aged, and isn't the woman she probably once was, but I used to think about fucking her, just to prove a point... since she didn't like our relationship so much. Either way, it has crossed my mind. One of the nights, she took a sleeping pill to help her rest, and I could hear her snoring when I woke up to take a leak in the middle of the night. I ended up deciding to go out to where she was sleeping. She was wearing a a one piece night gown... and what I believe was nothing under it (no panties). I remembered she took the sleeping pill... and decided to go ahead and take my dick out in the living room. She was deep asleep and I knew she wouldn't wake. SO I jerked off for a while over her. I didn't cum, just played with my dick over her. After, went back to bed. Also during this trip, my wife asked her to get something out of the dresser, a new dresser, she couldn't find it, so wife instructed her to just look through for it. This time, we had paddles, plugs, ball gags, lube etc, all in there where I know she had to have seen it. Shortly after, and for the rest of the trip her mother was very nice to me, almost too nice. When I would talk to her, she would be looking at me.. even after I was done talking and moving on to other things her mothers head would follow me as if we were still talking. The only way to describe, is like when a girl is infatuated with you early in a relationship. After the weekend was over, wife and I were talking about the visit. She tells me of something funny, but embarrassing to share... that during conversation, somehow the topic of not making me upset came up.. her mother joked with her that she hopes not to upset me, or I might spank her! Too funny. She obviously saw our play toys.

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