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    I've been living with my dad since I was 18 and met and liked his girlfriend Jenna. When she moved in with us last year I now like her much more. My dad is 45 and Jenna in 37 and exceptionally good looking. My dad is a fireman and works crazy hours and I am here alone with Jenna often. She thinks nothing of me seeing her with only a bath towel around her and I can tell if she has underwear on with her night shirts. Its rare but over the last year I have seen her naked 7 times but only once she knew I did. When my dad works nights she is in the kitchen making cookies and cakes all the time. I go out on the back patio and watch her and a lot of times when she stoops down or bends over I know for sure she isn't wearing panties. I see her ass and vagina mostly from the rear and I sit at the window jerking off while watching her. I don't do this when my dad is home but when I know she is getting a shower I leave my bedroom door open. When she comes out of the bathroom she always only has a towel around her. If I'm lucky she might not shut her bedroom door all the way and that's when I get to see her nude. My dad is clueless about how I look at her all the time. She wears those night shirts every night after she showers even when my dad is home. He never says anything about it but we can see her nipples and know she don't have a bra on. The night shirts go down to her knees but if she bends over her ass sticks out a bit. When she sits down sometimes I can see her vagina and know she has no panties on and know she has no pubic hair. He must think I don't have any interest in her body. He'd choke me to death if he knew how often I masturbate just looking at her.

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    Older guys like your dad arent stupid. He probably knows you are looking and she probably does too. Some women like to be teases and show off, makes them still feel desirable and attractive.

    Just keep things and the fun to yourself, otherwise being open about it (unless they do first) would probably cause a big scene and problems.
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    Make it look as if by accident she sees your hard dick, or if you have a night shirt wear one without underpants start bending over for her let he see your arse and dick, behave as if your not aware of what your doing, see if you get a reaction

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