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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    I really was fortunate to discover my sexuality at an early age with another (older) boy who was so tender. I was friends with him for a while and had a young boy on a older boy crush. I had no idea what sex was let alone gay sex and when it happened it was a real sweet surrender. He talked me through the penetration calming any last minute reluctance and made my first fuck a wonderful experience. Laying beneath him all in inside of me and the slow rhythmic fucking feeling his balls tight between my smooth inner thighs was as memorable as the two warm pulsating orgasm that flooded my innocence.
    I definitely felt different afterwards and it is something I have a difficulty explaining. I'm sure other guys who enjoyed their first experience as much as I did understand completely.

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    Beautiful post, got me rock hard. Did you have those orgasms soley from being fucked? If so could you would describe that a little more? I still have yet to experience my first fuck.
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    How different things can be. My first was in boarding school with an upper classman and it was anything but gentle and pleasant. However, it was memorable and I came all over the bed. He staked a claim on me and he owned me until he graduated and I experienced my first loss. Still a big part of my growing up and I surmised later my first love.
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    My Cousin was my first at the age of 10. We are the same age and after he screwed me the first time I wanted it all the time and later on he came in me for the very first time and we both liked that very much so we fucked very often and he shot his warm cum up my ass 100's of times for several years.
    We fucked every chance we got and sometimes for hours and a lot of quickies also. I was also fortunate enough to have other curious friends that wanted sex that were horny and curious enough to try it so we tried oral sex and quite a few of them fucked me after humping on my ass and in the heat of the moment they would enter me just in time to cum and many of them came back for more and in high school my best friend who was Mexican had a huge dick and no one ever knew he was fucking my ass all the time. Not even my girlfriends knew and nothing ever felt so good as taking his huge thick extra long dick up my white ass and being fucked so hard for so long and taking his big load balls deep in my ass. He could make me scream when he fucked me and he always made me cum without even touching my dick and my favorite position was face down legs spread wide with him on top of me pounding me very hard with my asshole full of his warm cum. Never had a black guy back then and have not had but just a very select men over the years but have enjoyed a few very well hung men up my ass and it still felt great to get fucked really good and feel a nice hard big dick balls deep in my ass filling me with hot cum. Have not done this in years but if any clean cut hung married men get off fucking a hot white married ass let me know because I would not object to a very private encounter and the opportunity to take a big dick in my ass and have a hot load or two shot deep in my ass. My wildest fantasy is to have two well hung men fuck me for hours and use me hard even r**e me if they want. I have a couple of sex toys but would enjoy the real thing.
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    #1- Those first two orgasms were his, I got a tingling sensation, dry orgasm I think it's called from him being on top of me. It pressed me against a tuft of grass in a wooded forest nearby. I had my first full orgasm the winter when I was twelve in his bed after school. I'd also sucked him, my first mouthful of teenage cock and sperm. He then proceeded to fuck me and I came as he penetrated my butt. He'd just moved back after living out of state with his grandparents and I was fantasizing about being with him again. I was barely prepubescent and the juices of my upcoming puberty were beginning to flow.
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    #3- Yes, 10 years old I was so young but amazingly receptive. Face down on my tummy with legs wide and another boy's smooth body on top of mine was madness in excitement! Naive and fearless about experience anything from an older boy lover was wonderful. I had my first man lover when I was 13 almost 14 years old. It was a totally new thing and exciting in a much different way, hours of foreplay consummating in a mind boggling squeal of a fucking. I've been so fortunate!

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