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    Straight Male / 18

    I'm almost 19 & I always thought I was straight until last November. I've had two girlfriends since I was 15 & I had good sex with both. I wasn't dating them at the same time. When I fap, I always think of stuff anyone would consider straight. Sometimes I just do it fast though to get off not even thinking much about any fantasy. Last November, I went with my parents to visit my grandparent who lives a long ways away. We went by car & it was a long drive. We had to stay at a hotel one night after driving all day then we got there later afternoon the next day. We made lots of stops mostly because of my mom. She always has to get to a restroom. There was this huge gas station place. That type where those big trucks pull in on the back side & everyone else on the other side. There was a fast food place in there & also a restaurant. My parents had us eat in that restaurant & we were there a while. I was horny like always because I need to get off two times a day. I said that I gotta use the restroom. I just needed to piss & then get off.

    There were stalls that have real doors without those cracks down the sides but because of I figure keeping air circulating, there was maybe 1 ft of space between each one once you're inside. You can tell if someone is in another one by movement or noise. I cleaned the toilet seat then sat there to fap after I pissed. I was trying to do it in a quiet way because I didn't want anyone to know what I was doing. That's when I saw part of the leg from the guy in the stall next to mine. His jeans were all the way to his shoes on his right side like he had them off just hanging there & I heard noise like when you fap. I looked down a little just to see if I was hearing things or not & I saw an obvious shadow of him doing it. You could really see his dick & his hand going fast up & down in a shadow. He kept shaking it in a strange way like just shaking his dick around more than rubbing it. Maybe it was just the shadow but it looked like that guy had a huge dick. He then started more rubbing it to fap & I heard him move & the seat made a noise. He got up fast & stood there. You could see he was doing it real fast then & he even moaned. His stuff came out but he missed the toilet some because some was hitting the floor. For some reason, that turned me on so much that I didn't even care if anyone heard me then. I started fapping mine fast & it came so hard. It's not like I wanted to suck his dick or do anything with him or his dick but it made me so turned on from what I heard & saw that I had a strong orgasm so now, I'm worried some if maybe I could be bi sexual. I don't have anything against gays but for me to think I might be at least bi kind of worries me. I wouldn't want to date a guy so I don't know what's going on now with me. I've thought about this a lot since last year. I still get turned on thinking about that in that restroom.

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    Yep. You are so gay. Gaylord
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    I don't think that makes you gay. You just got turned on my someone else getting off. I used to go to sex motels with my girlfriend years ago and hearing people having sex always got me riled up.

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