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    Straight Female / 24

    As a young teenage girl, I loved nothing more than taking off my skirt and panties, kneeling up in the barn and waiting for the first touch. I knew each lunch time they'd be there, and I also knew both of them would be horny.
    Feeling the first hot hard cock spear my folds was sheer delight and I longed to be fucked hard.
    I never once looked round, as I could tell without looking, just who it was who'd buried his cock up my pussy from behind first. besides they alternated each time we had chance to have sex.
    By the time he pumped his cum deep inside of me, I'd most probably already have orgasmed myself twice. Then as he withdrew, I'd be instantly impaled again and my pussy would quiver with anticipation of his thrusts. Taking me as he wished and as hard as he wanted, I loved the sensation of my building climax, and usually by then my body craved their cocks. It never failed and I'd orgasm so hard, I'd often jump right off whoever's cock was fucking me. Only seconds later to be pulled back onto his dick and fucked all over again until he unloaded up my soaking wet vagina.
    One lunch time, about a year after we first began to fuck, as I was quivering from my latest orgasm, his cock slipped out and when he thrust forwards it slid hard into my asshole. He went to pull out, but the sensation, although a little painful, was also incredibly horny. Backing onto him, I turned my head for the first time and told Eric, the oldest, to carry on fucking my ass. And so he did fucking with renewed energy making us both climax together.
    From then on the boys chose which hole they wanted, and my new found love of anal sex just grew and grew. Eric and John both knew I couldn't get pregnant, so they never wore condoms. And I just loved the feel of their bare cocks inside of me.
    Then one afternoon with John having just cum inside of my ass, our mother caught us. It was the first time since dad had died, that she'd been out anywhere near the barn. It was outside of the barn he'd had his heart attack. And that was that for us having sex in the barn. Or anywhere else for that matter for a long time.
    I was sent to live with my aunt and both of my brothers were "Corrected" by our uncle. Mom was sore at us for over a year, and I guess both of the boys got more of a hiding than I did.
    Eventually I began to sneak over to a place where I knew the boys would meet me, and we began to have such amazing afternoons down by the creek. I learned to suck cock down by that creek and I also for the first time began to kiss my brothers as lovers too. It all stopped when Eric became ill and months later he passed away.
    I was allowed to move back home after that, and my mom turned a blind eye to John and I enjoying his or my room. We tried to only have sex when she was out or asleep, but sometimes with our growing libido's, we couldn't wait. John and I would fuck for hours. Eventually though all good things come to an end, and we just stopped having sex.
    Life moved on. John got enegaged recently and I'm in a relationship with a really nice guy. But nothing will replace those wonderful times I had with my siblings, especially John with those long afternoons spent in my room or his.
    We both said a while back it was our exploring and learning stage, but we both knew as we said it, we missed one another sexually.
    A few days ago, John sent me a picture of him stroking his large erect cock. It's a man and cock, I've decided I just cannot live without.

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    Which brother popped your cherry? At what age? How long after that did they start tag teaming you?
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