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    Bi-Sexual Male / 26

    Lost nearly all of our money. No bank cards and we've just had two nights of our fortnights holiday. My girlfriend who I'm on the island to propose to and make my fiancee, doesn't know I've lost the money, nor do I want her to know as she'll be so disappointed. She's sun bathing by the pool and I'm fretting with what little we've got left. With no where to go and not an idea in my head, other than asking her parents to bail me out (No fucking chance), I speak to the hotel manager. Who in turn speaks over the phone to the owner. Telling my fiancee I'm nipping out for an hour to sort out a special night out, She smiles at me and says "Ok" touching my cock through my shorts.

    The decision wasn't really a hard one to make.

    An upgrade to the hotels best room. The rest of our holidays spending money sorted, and an invite back free of any expense, if I suck off the owner Giorgos and let him fuck me whenever he wants my arsehole.

    We're back on the Greek island in May. It's been booked and paid for by Giorgos and my fiancee couldn't be happier. However if she knew just how many times during our September holiday last year, Giorgos had me suck on his dick and fucked my arsehole, we wouldn't be getting married in June.

    The first time we met in his huge home, I got on my knees as he lay by his pool stroking his long thick cock. Opening my mouth, I closed my eyes and thought of the money and keeping my future fiancee happy. And surprisingly not only did I find myself enjoying the feeling of his pulsating cock in my mouth, I also learned I was quite good at giving head. Giorgos held my head that afternoon and pretty much forced his cock down my throat, and I took the lot. I even swallowed his cum load when he came and heard him saying how good I was.

    My girlfriend wondered how I'd gotten so much more euro's as I'd counted it earlier on our new hotel rooms bed, but didn't press it as I tongued her pussy and clit. The night out by the way, was at one of Giorgos's two restaurants and it was all paid for by him.

    During the rest of the trip, after I'd proposed to my girlfriend that night in Giorgos's place, my fiancee who obviously said yes, was over the moon. And Giorgos was fucking mine, daily. My future wife loved sun bathing on our private sun roof and long spa afternoons which were all arranged and paid for by Giorgos. I during that holiday apparently loved keeping fit and jogging each morning and early evening. Or in truth I visited his villa and had the large Greek man shove his cock down my throat and up my arsehole, as much as he wanted to. Some days it was a relief to swim in the pool or the sea, just to relieve my arsehole from the pounding it had just received.

    We are back in Greece in May, and I already know Giorgos is looking forward to having his little English lad bounce up and down on his cock. By way of preparation I've been jogging again, plus I've also been learning some Greek. All the words Giorgos spoke when fucking me.

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