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    Monday to Wednesday, they visit our apartment between three and five in the afternoon. Usually after they've gotten off work. Invariably I'll already be waiting on our bed, kneeling and lubed up. Some want me to suck on their dicks first to get them hard, but most are already erect. Putting on the condoms I supply, they coat their cocks in lube and proceed to fuck me.
    Some of the men take no more than a minute or two, others take longer. Only two regulars fuck me long enough to make me cum without me having to touch my own cock. Fucking me for as long as it takes, the men all know I like it rough and to a man they fuck me hard.
    Depending on the man or my sexual mood, I'll have them fuck me doggy, or missionary. The two older men who take the longest, pretty much always insist on fucking me missionary, and they both like to kiss. It's not normally something I do, but it gets them off quicker and stronger as they thrust into me.
    When each of the men have shot their load up me, filling the condom, I remove it, suck their cocks clean and offer them a clean towel. Before they leave, they drop their "Fee" into my jar and that's it, they go.
    If two show up together, which sometimes happens, it's their choice. Either one waits and fucks me afterwards, or they take turns to fuck me. If they want to spit roast me, or in some cases double fuck my ass, they pay more.
    No one calls after five, as I get myself cleaned up and ready for him returning home. He's normally home by six thirty and I'll have his meal ready for him. After eating he'll have me relay everything that I've done, leaving out no details. And then my "daddy" will fuck the shit out of me bareback.

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