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    I started a job for a pipeline construction company and the first day I was sent to orientation. It was an all day affair and we had to take two hours of harassment training and there was a whole hour of be nice to your coworker lecture. All for a job where there were no women. I got hired to work on the pipeline project. The guy that sat beside me was the same, going to the pipeline. We sat together when we had our lunch and he was also a vet and we talked shop a little and after lunch we both ended up at the urinals. It is a wink in the eye sort of thing, a smile and I looked over and he held it out and he looked over and I held it out. There are times you just want to suck on a dick.

    We were both staying at the Holiday Inn across the street from the orientation and we got together for dinner and we went back to his room. I sat on the bed and he let it out and I spent a good five minutes enjoying his dick in my mouth. He suggested we get naked so we took our clothes off and he wanted to hump, he was hard and he was ready so I told him to do it and he was in and he slow fucked for a little while and then hard fucked and he came and pulled out. I laid back on the bed and jerked off slowly until I shot my stuff onto my stomach.

    It was the beginning of a year long relationship. He was definitely driven to top and I am definitely driven to bottom and we were natural, a chance encounter at an orientation, we asked to be sent to the same camp and we worked side by side for almost a year. We bunked together and stuck together and the hard work just made us want to get together and fuck some more. We parted company after a year, he took a job in Denver and we had one last night and he was gone the next morning. I have to say that he is the one I miss. The others come and go but I don't think about them. It has been 20 years this month and I still have good thoughts about him.

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