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    This an update to post #43143

    Thanks for your comments, and you were all right about me talking to her about it. I finally confronted her.

    On Friday she had stopped again at the bookstore, and of course, I went in when I saw her car in the parking lot. But before I went back to the booths to get more of her "anonymous" pleasure, I talked to the guy behind the counter. He apparently has been really enjoying her visits. I asked if he could tell me more about her visits to the booths but he was pretty adamant to keep her privacy. So I fessed up and told him that I knew her and she was my wife. Surprisingly he opened up after that point. He even apologized for messing around with her.

    She had been starting to visit last month. Not sure if I am comforted by the fact it was only a month, but that is what it is I guess. He said she started visiting more and more often, and he even started to let her in for free for some fun here and there just the two of them. Mostly just oral sex.

    I went to the booth and stuck myself through the hole. She was eagerly sucking on someone else on the other side I waited until I felt her hand and lips take me. I came pretty quick and I waited for her to finish. I heard her leave and I opened the door to the booth and saw her. I confronted her. She was mortified that she got caught, and started to cry, and we had a little heart to heart. I told her I wasn't as mad, more curious as to why she started this. She said she saw my browser history and that I had watched some gloryhole videos. She was curious and wanted to try it and found it to be a lot of fun. She said she is still very satisfied with our sex life, she just wasnt sure how to go about saying "Hey by the way I am blowing anonymous dicks."

    Not sure what about all this crying and sincerity made me feel this way, but I got really turned on. I told her I would need to punish her (in a semi-playful manner of course). She didn't resist at all. Just nodded and as we walked back out into the store, I opened her blouse just so her tits could be on display. Sadly, no one was in the store other than cashier, but it it was hot anyway. I asked her if she had paid for her visit and she said she hadn't. She was blushing pretty hard. I told her to settle up with him. She started to reach of her purse to pay. I corrected her and told her to pay as she had been.

    She sheepishly asked him where they should go. He ran over to the front door and locked it while turning the sign from open to closed. He walked back over to her and said that right there was fine. She got on her knees and pulled him out and started going to town. I asked him what all he has done with her. He said handjobs, blowjobs, and letting him fondle her. I told her to bend over the counter and she did. I pulled down her pants and panties and gave her ass a good smack before telling him to have at her. He put on a condom and fucked her hard.

    We ended up leaving the store as very happy and satisfied customers. We agreed that we would look into options that were safer and we both have an appointment to get tested for STD's just in case.

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    I read your other post but was not a commenter.
    Hot visual with the cashier.
    Glad it all worked out for you two.
    But seems a shame to not include him and the store in future.
    Seems like you could build on that new relationship.
    Are you going to post details of your new "options"


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