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    Straight Female / 29

    Out of the nine men who I've cheated on my husband with, I'm still having sex with four of them. And one of them happens to be his younger brother. My husband works on the rigs, six weeks on, three weeks off. But being a man who loves his job, he also more often than not, works a week of his days off as overtime.
    It began to piss me off, so missing the sex I need, I began to have affairs. His brother caught me one afternoon having sex with a guy I met in the park close to pur home. But instead of informing his brother, he fucked me after getting rid of the guy. And so it has been now for nearly two years. His brother isn't the best sex partner, but that doesn't bother me as some of my other friends with benefits, certainly are.

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    I get it. Before my husband retired from the military I used to look forward to my 'alone time' that I loved to fill with a temporary lover.
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    I have a lady friend that calls me wanting sex just as soon as her husband leaves for offshore.
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    Had a neighbor who was texting me nudes before her husband was even out of the neighborhood when he was finished with his military leave. All it took was me fixing her air. Onditioner one day and she sucked my dick as payment. Rest is history.
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