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    People say, move out, kick him out, but if you don't have any money you can't. You just take it. One day he got physical and I went to work with a bruise on my arm and one of the ladies that works there saw it while we were in the ladies room. She got on my case and told me I had to move out and get away from him. I told her the same thing, how? I didn't have any money and he took my money when I got paid. Well she said to go live with her. That is how I ended up getting screwed by her husband. He never hit me, he never yelled at me, he screwed me. Same thing, if you don't have any money you can't move out, you get screwed. That's how I pay the rent. I watch her, she is real nice to him, she gets screwed by him, I am real nice to him, I get screwed by him, we are the same. Except he is real nice to her and he is real nice to me.

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    Sell your pussy on the street you whiny bitch so you will have some money!

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