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    Bi-Sexual Male / 18

    I've always been turned on by some types of guys but I'd never done anything. I dated one girl over a year & we had a lot of sex. I still like her but she has another boyfriend now. Last year in 11th grade, I was hanging out a lot with a person from math class who is gay. I was helping him some with math & he liked a lot of the RPG I have from my dad. Those are all types of retro from 90s. We were doing those a lot. He doesn't like outdoor stuff so I was doing that with other friends. I'd noticed at school that he has a nice butt. That's what I notice a lot about other guys. I even masturbated thinking about that stuff & even about him. I like gay porn as much as straight porn but mostly the bb. I always end up wanting to do it to the one who is on top. After a few times coming to my house, this guy did come on to me. We'd watched a little porn just from my tab. He'd never done much but he'd had a bf & he said they did oral. He sucked on mine some & I felt his butt. I wanted to do it & he was going to let me. It wasn't so easy at first like it looks in porn. I had to use a lot of lube & it did take a while to get it to go in. It felt great once it was in & I did it how I'd done with my ex gf. That's the only way I know how to do it. He was liking it after it hurting at first. He was on his stomach & I was on top of him.

    It kept feeling like mine was going to get off in him. He kept telling me to try to hold off longer. I thought he needed that to make him get off at the same time but he wanted me to pull out right before so he could suck it when it was get off time. I was so horny from how it felt that I didn't think anything about it so I told him it was about to go & pulled out fast. He had to turn over fast & I had to move up so he could go on it in time but he did get it in his mouth before it started. It was intense how it felt when it was getting off & he was doing his then so it went at the same time. After mine got off, I started to think about how he got turned on doing that when mine had just been in his butt. I didn't say anything though. After that, we did it like that a lot but sometimes it was just getting off in his butt. Other times he wanted to just suck it. We still do it sometimes & I like it but after it gets off when it's pull out so he can finish it in his mouth, I don't know how that part turns him on. I did find some porn where guys do it that same way so it's not just us but I can't figure out how that part turns him on. It's not like there has ever been anything on my penis pulling out other than pre stuff. He's always clean but it's just this weird idea that I get. I do like how it feels more when inside his butt than my ex gf the other way. It feels tighter & some reason it makes me more turned on hearing him moaning when I do it. Whatever it is about, I'm bi but I've been doing more gay sex for almost a year now with him. We are both 18 now & will be done with school in a few months. I don't know if we are dating or if this is just sex only but I think he likes me more for a bf. We never kissed but I know he wants me to do that. No one knows about this. My parents think I'm straight. None of my other friends would even think I'm doing stuff like this with him.

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    Dont kid yourself, I expect everyone knows you are gay. His cock and about 20 fat truckers cocks will be up your puckered little sissy asshole before long and you know it.
    15 days ago

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