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    Straight Female / 24

    I got in trouble when I was in the tenth grade because a friend of mine at school brought a dildo from home to show me. She gave it to me and I had to hide it so I put it in my backpack and my mother who never trusted me went through my backpack everyday after school and she found the dildo. I had never seen one before and yes I had heard of one but to tell the truth I had never thought of one, I had never masturbated. My mother sat there with the dildo in her hand staring at me. After a long silence she said that she would talk to me.

    She went and fixed some tea and brought tea for both of us and she asked me if I was sexually active. I said no. She asked if I needed to be told the whole story of if I knew about the birds and the bees. Did I know how you get pregnant. The mechanics of it, boy on top with his penis in you, did I know that? Yes I said I knew that. No I had never actually seen a penis nor had I ever touched a penis and no I had never shown my breasts or my vagina to any boy. Yes I knew that boys were always going for it and I knew girls that had shown their breasts to boys and had their vaginas touched. Yes I knew that boys will get carried away and they won't stop. Yes I did know about condoms but no I had never seen a condom. No that was not my dildo.

    Yes, I guess one day I wanted a boy to fuck me. Well when that day came to make sure that the boy got me hot enough because otherwise it was going to be uncomfortable. That is why you have a dildo, to practice for when a boy is going to fuck you. Have I felt that I was aroused, did my vagina get wet? Yes, but no I didn't touch myself and no I didn't masturbate and yes I knew about masturbation that is why my friend brought me the dildo. No I didn't want to use the dildo. Yes, I supposed that maybe I should have my own dildo and not use one that my friend gave me. No, I really didn't want to sit beside my mother and look at dildos on the internet and choose one and have it sent to my house. Why did I have to get one that looked real, why couldn't I get one that was just like the one my friend showed me?

    The package came three days later. My mother opened it, it didn't need batteries and it was anatomically correct, she had condoms and showed me how the condoms had to be put on, she had also ordered a KY lubricant for me and she spent half an hour with me, she told me that I probably didn't need the lubricant but to use it because it would make me more sensitive, that I should practice and not be ashamed because one day was going to come and I should be prepared. I was given the penis to hold and I had to put a condom on it and she then gave me the penis, the KY and the condoms. That night I stuck the penis in me.

    It was a while before I had a real penis, and yes the penis I had at home was anatomically correct and yes I enjoy a real penis. I enjoy my school days penis more. I am pretty good at getting a condom on but truthfully I would rather not mess with that and I am on birth control, but I insist on a condom because or my mother's brain washing about STDs.

    My mother and I do not talk about sex and she doesn't ask about sex. I am not boy crazy and I tend to date quietly. From time to time I have a man over. But whether I have a man over or not, I enjoy my school days penis. My school days penis is in my dresser drawer and so is my KY and my school days penis doesn't need a condom and I don't have to deal with rejection. I am addicted to my school days penis, it is an addiction it helps me sleep at night.

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    My wife will masturbate many time more than she has sex with me. Be careful not to cut your husband short. Donât hide what you do from him, if love is there he will enjoy you getting pleasure

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