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    Gay Male / 47

    For a long time, going back over ten years, I have been wondering about cock sucking. To be truthful I started thinking about it when I was at a convention and I was with a dealers rep and somehow the conversation turned to sex and he told me that he had been sucking cock for a long time and he would rather suck cock than get laid. Whether he was telling me this to get me to suck cock or to let him suck cock I never found out. But the conversation never left my mind. The more I thought about it the more I became obsessed with the idea to the point that if I am sitting at an airport I look around and wonder what kind of cock the men there have, if I am in a men's room I peak and wonder, if I am driving I think about this guy or that guy and wonder what it would really be like to suck their cock. I just never got attracted to anyone, not enough to even hint at it.

    Our work is not gay friendly, most of the men are into hunting or golfing or poker. We sell heavy industrial equipment. We hired this man, he is in his fifties and he came recommended from a vendor to be the new supply chain manager. Six foot, heavy for his age, college athlete, played ball for one of the big ten teams. Articulate, well spoken, educated and he knew his business. I had a lot of problems with one of my lines and I spent some time with him working out the kinks in the supply chain, basically we had to change vendors. I got to thinking of him on the drive into work. I got to thinking of him during meetings. I didn't know he was gay.

    I asked him to lunch with one of our reps and he was very helpful. My rep later asked me if I thought he was gay. I was taken aback at the question, no he played ball in college. My rep said he was gay, he was the husband. Things changed after that, I had to deal with that and I worked hard to deny that to myself. One night we worked late and we went to this pizza place that he knew about and he was treated well by the staff. On the way out he put his arm around my shoulder. At the car he asked me if I wanted to get to know him better, maybe I would come over to his place and we could have some of that chocolate cake his mother had made.

    At his place we talked and he asked a lot of questions. I was standing, looking at his trophy case from high school and college and he got behind me and put his arm around my shoulder again and he said he liked me, maybe too much. He kissed me there, when I pulled back he said it was OK, but he kissed me again. He asked me if I had ever had a boyfriend, he kissed me again and said I really needed a boyfriend, he kissed me again and told me to come upstairs and he would be my boyfriend. He was in good shape for being 54 years old, with silver hair on his chest, his cock wasn't some out of this world cock, it wasn't any bigger than mine, he rubbed and played with my cock while we kissed and he put my hand on his cock, he leaned down and kissed and sucked my cock and asked me to help him out and I kissed and sucked his cock. He ground his cock up against mine, I was so hard, much harder than usual and he was hard too and he said a man has to be man and know what he likes and he liked me and he wanted to be my boyfriend.

    He likes to kiss and he kissed me over and over, kissed my cock and kissed my nipples and he had me kiss his cock and kiss his nipples and he asked me say out loud that I wanted him to be my boyfriend, to put my arms around his neck and hold him tight while he kissed me, to kiss him back while he put his hand lower under my cock and asked me if I was ready because he really wanted to show me that he liked me. He told me he was clean and he presumed I was clean but if I wasn't I should speak up, no herpes, no VD, no AIDS? Because when a man likes a man he wants to be with a man without anything artificial between them. No, nothing, well then he used his finger to work on me and then he got on and slowly penetrated until he said that was all he didn't have more to give and he got into a rhythm and before I knew it I was holding him while he gave me his last drops.

    He is the husband, we get together socially, I spend weekend nights at his place, I think about him while I am driving to work but now I think about our last time together, I do like kissing his cock and I think about that rep that preferred to suck than get laid and I can't agree with him, I love getting laid. It isn't only about sex, there are lots of fun times, with his friends mostly and we got to social functions, but it is about sex, by the time we have been out for a while I ask him if there is any of that chocolate cake of his mothers and that is our queue to go back to his place and have sex. That in a nut shell is how I ended up with a gay boyfriend.

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