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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    When I was a kid, about 5th/6th grade I was sexually active and curious to try anything. When I would stay over at other boys house from school we would usually end up jerking off together. I would work my way to swallowing their cum to sucking them off, to getting them to fuck my butt or mouth. Weâd fuck in the woods, in the shower, the pool anywhere we could. When I was in the sixth grade I was staying at a âcloseâ rich friends house, he had his own bathroom so it made having fun much easier. His mom was out of town and his dad was a contractor who was built and ran and usually came home, showered then drank a beer and feel asleep. This weekend he had fallen asleep and we put on porn and weâre acting it out, I sucked him, he sucked me, we sucked each other, he went to fuck me in the butt. He would repeat lines from the movie, calling me a dirty slut, saying I like his big cock stretching my asshole *wood creaking!!!* his dad walks in, almost looking mad as hell, we were busted. He had apparently seen more than what he had just walked in on. He asked question not allowing us to get dressed. He looked at me and asked if I was suppose to be the woman getting fucked, obviously yes, he asked if I wanted to get fucked by a real big dick and said to his son, if youâre going to fuck, you need to learn to do it right. I said yes sir if you donât mind. With that he grabbed me by my hips and had me on all fours ass up, told his son that they were going to fuck me together. He had his son tongue my ass hole and he spit a mouthful on it. I didnât see his cock first but I felt the pain he brought. I could feel him pushing his massive bulbous head in my tight little asshole, it was so painful and exciting, it was making my legs shake and it felt like my lungs were crushing in. He went to push his shaft in, im about died, it was so long and wide, I knew he ripped me and it went so deep I felt like it was going to come out my chest, he already had me dripping. He slowly began stroking in and out to the tip, pointing it towards the front of my pelvis just annihalating me. He switched his son in with his decent cock and started guiding him the right way, it felt so much better. Then his dad took back over and it felt like a pleasure war, he made me cum without touching myself. He made his son swallow my cum, it was amazing. He said I was a real slutty whore and had his son fuck my mouth so I would stop squealing in amazing pain. They fucked me all night in all different ways and left me dripping with cum again and again. I swallowed so much of their cum. After that weekend his dad said I was always welcomed over. This little fuck parade continued my entire middle school year. Me and my friend even had some of our jerk buddies over for these weekends. A bunch of middle school boys and one hung daddy fucking me silly and him guiding and teaching them all. To this day, I still fuck with most of them, even though some are married to women. We all love it and I get to be the little cum hungry sissy!

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    This whole story is disturbing and sick.
    Why do you think we want to read this sick twisted dogshit
    Take this shit back to your moms basement and dont forget your 24,hamburgers on the way back you fat American turd
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    I think it's cool, I too was the cute little boy sissy throughout my middle school and teenage years. Being a cock hungry tween with the boys and then being taken to bed by one of their dads was a beautiful experience for me!
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    #1 Why the fuck would you read the whole the story and then take the time to leave a comment if its so sick to you? I know why, cause you do want to read this stuff pulling on the little dick of yours wishing it was your ass getting fucked
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    I started bottoming in 5th grade, I was way too young to have an orgasm but the feeling of the boy's penises unloading inside me was a good sensation. A cute wide eyed kid of twelve I began to attract not only boys but also men. My tight well shaped butt and supple lips became the interest of a man who worked out at the Y. I gave in and spent the summer with him as much as possible. It was all beautiful for me. He was so gentle and tender!

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