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    Lesbian Female / 28

    The short of it is that I acted on impulse and now I don't know what to do. And this isn't about being Out of the Closet, it is completely about being In the Closet. I have a roommate, I met her in college and we were friends and after college when we both got jobs for the same company we agreed to be roommates and get a bigger place. The apartment has two rooms and two bathrooms so we each have our space. That was five years ago. Our social life revolves around doing things together, in the five years we have been living together not once have we ever gone out alone.

    Now what happened is that my boss, who is not her boss, had tickets to see Celine Dion on Las Vegas. These were first class tickets but his wife had to have surgery and he couldn't make the dates so he generously offered the tickets to me, free. Getting over the uncomfortable part of accepting the tickets, I just couldn't take them and not go. The only person I wanted to go with is my roommate. I told her that this was something we had to do together and if for some reason she didn't want to go I would give back the tickets. This was an opportunity for a get away weekend, just the two of us to Las Vegas, catch a great show and just bum around together. She agreed and we bought our plane tickets and rented a room at a not so nice place and the weekend came up and we went.

    Our room had one queen size bed. No big deal, we had slept together many times over the years. We unpacked and we got dressed to go out and we got a ride to the strip and went from one hotel to the other looking for one that we liked. Neither one of us gambles so it was like window shopping. We were standing in line to catch a cab and this man behind us started to get personal and I turned to him and told him to back off couldn't he see we were together. He answered so your queer, figures. Our cab came I helped my roommate into the cab and we went to another casino. While we were walking the floor of the other casino, she took my hand and asked me to stop. We stood there and she asked me if we were queers. Not answering she asked me when was the last time I had sex with a guy, when was the last time I had even gone out with a guy, not since college and I didn't have sex with him. She said she didn't have sex with a guy, she never had. She took my hands and said we are in Las Vegas let's get married. This can be our wedding trip and honeymoon all rolled into one, let's go find one of those quickie marriage places and get married.

    We walked out of the hotel and she asked the concierge where we could go get married and he gave us a name and place and we stopped at this jewelry store in the hotel and we bought rings and she said we were going to do this, right then, we were getting married, she wasn't going back home single. We went to this marriage chapel, we got all the paperwork done, we waited for our turn and an hour later we were married in Las Vegas. We went to a Ruth Chris steak house and had dinner and we had a picture taken of us holding up our ring fingers. We kissed and we went back to our room to start our honeymoon. It was fast, it was everything, everything we had never done living together we did right then until we fell apart. She got up and stood at the foot of the bed and said that was the happiest day of her life, she was now a Mrs. and she was my Mrs. and I was her Mrs. and she wanted us to change her name to mine.

    The rest of the weekend, the Celine Dion show, the whole thing was a long crazy weekend, five years of holding it in came out and the bed was too big for us. We took hundreds of pictures, she bought me a diamond pendant and I bought her a diamond ring. We got our names tattooed. Three days in Las Vegas and when we flew back home we agreed to move into one room and that night we moved all our clothes together, we showered together and had sex on our bed at home. Then we woke up in the morning and got ready for work. We didn't tell anyone, we didn't go to HR, we didn't call our parents, we didn't tell anyone. She went quietly down to change her name, to register it at the Social Security, but we never told HR. Our lives on the outside were exactly the same as before we went to Las Vegas.

    We have been married a year now, we live together just like always, we work at the same company just like always, we haven't told our parents or families, we go out together with friends just like always. The only way you would know is that we sleep together at home and we have sex a couple of times a week. She baked a cake for our anniversary, we exchanged cheesy first year anniversary cards, we kissed over the cake and we agreed that being married is the best thing we have ever done. But it is a secret to everyone.

    Yes it is nobody's business, but we are married. This isn't like just agreeing to sleep together, we are legally married and all her legal papers have my name on them, her driver's license, her Social Security card, her Passport, her bank account, not to mention her tattoo and mine, not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of pictures we have together and of course we sleep in the same bed and we have sex, real sex. Now what? We have never come out to anyone, the only person who knows we are sexually active is our doctor, and we are in a secret marriage. So how do we have the big reveal?

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