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    Straight Male / 52

    This is a kissing cousin story. She grew up quite far from us and it was on a family holiday when she was fourteen and I was nineteen that we had sex. I never had sex with another girl that I liked, I went back to her. She never had sex with anyone else so she never had the opportunity to compare. Back when we were kids, or young adults we had to mess around on the side. Then one day I said fuck it, well not quite like that, I told her it was time we let our parents know that they need not stay up at night waiting to hear if we had found that certain someone, because we had and it was us. She was 23 then.

    I told my uncle. He went off the deep end. We, her and I told my mother. She went off the deep end. I told my mother that we wanted to get married and have a family, after all I was going to be 30 and she was already out of college, and look at her, wasn't she the image of a good mother right there, if anyone looked like she would be a good mother it was her. My mother talked to her father (they are brother and sister) and it was out in the open. At least we didn't have to go hiding everything. To get married we moved to a state where first cousins can get married and we settled there and raised four boys. To this day my mother still asks me why I picked my cousin. Well I don't know but I did and I am glad I did. As I tell her she has been a damn fine wife for a country boy like me.

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